Today Nicola and Judith talk about the important of storytelling and starting to work on creating sales letters for the Summit recordings using simple guidelines for how to create compelling offers. They also realise they can apply the same principles to other offers in their respective businesses, something they knew already but hadn’t got around to.

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In the Show..

Judith’s property sale is back on and Nicola and Nelson are focussed on beating back the slugs and snails in Nicola’s garden which are eating her flowers and plants.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Nicola enthuses about simple structures, especially those as supplied by Dan Norris. And Judith has been affirmed by the support, kindness, advice and understanding from her clients, which isn’t their job – it’s hers!

  • Client Challenge of the Week

Beginning to think about creating an evergreen sales letter for the summit recordings, Nicola and Judith debate how best to do it, bearing in mind “The five elements of a compelling offer”. Nicola’s been working on some of her pages using Kevin Rogers, The Copychief‘s format which include four essential facts people need to know before they’ll buy, and the six reasons why prospects need to buy now.

Recommended resources: Harrison Amy’s 41 Classic Copywriting Headline Templates and Copy Chief’s Sales Letter format.

  • Words of the Week

Judith chooses Stickability and Nicola picks Storytelling.

  • Project Updates

Neither Nicola or Judith have much to report this week, they are focussed on an imminent afternoon of sales letter writing.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Nicola and Sarah are enjoying Game of Thrones and Judith tells a wonderful story of the British tennis player, Marcus Willis, who nearly gave up professional tennis and who, on the first day of Wimbledon 2016 and ranked 772 in the world, beat the guy ranked at 54 and won £50,000! Sadly he meets Roger Federer next…

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