001 | Nicola & Judith Re-Unite & Discuss Clutter

A Tidy Desk = A Tidy Mind? | Nicola Cairncross is an Amazon No 1 Author, Speaker and Podcaster. She also runs ClicksAndLeads.com. She’s joined on this weekly podcast by serial successful entrepreneur and business coach Judith Morgan who has started, run and sold several real world businesses and now coaches business clients globally. Listen to the first Own It! Your Business & Your Life podcast now..

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In the show..

On this down to earth, fast, funny and feisty podcast they share everything you need to embrace becoming a successful entrepreneur; marketing, money and more. How to create a business doing just what you love, delegating or outsourcing the rest, while maintaining some sort of work / life / family balance.

How to “Own It!” in fact!

They say..

“We are looking to answer all of your YOUR burning business questions, bringing our very different skills to the table to help YOU own your business and your life. Just record your question (under 3 minutes please & if you want to, mention your name & website at the beginning) using the Speakpipe app to the right there… just click the pink vertical bar clinging to the right-hand side of this page where you see the microphone symbol”.

What’s In This Week’s Show?

  • Nicola and Judith start off the show by sharing what they’ve been up to this week in their own businesses.
  • Next they discuss a common client challenge and both bring their existing skills to the table to offer practical advice and solutions. This week it’s Clutter.
  • Words of the Week – Judith and Nicola surprise each other with a word to discuss. This week Nicola chooses “Urgency” and Judith chooses “Listening”
  • Stephen Covey called it “Sharpening The Saw” and we believe that every entrepreneur needs to keep their own flames burning. Judith’s been stoked this week by playing Robert Kiyosaki’s boardgame “Cashflow 101” with her clients and Nicola’s been reading Predictable Revenue by Ross & Tyler.
  • Finally, Nicola and Judith share what (or who) has impressed them this week. Judith’s been very impressed by client Margaret’s embracing of the Abundance Principle, while Nicola’s got a bit of a marketing crush on Dan Norris, author of “7 Day Startup” and founder of WPCurve.com

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  1. Loved this first episode! Clutter – I’m just beginning to conquer my clutter problem but so agree that it’s the biggest barrier to anything – always work in progress! And as someone who is trying to move to kindle loved to hear Nicola’s take on books. Can’t wait for you to be on itunes so I can dog walk with you both!

    • Judith_Nicola

      December 21, 2014 at 8:50 am

      Hi Stella, thanks for listening and commenting – we really appreciate it. Did you optin so that we can let you know when we go live on iTunes? Here’s the link if you missed it… VIP Notification List

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