004 | How To Choose The Right Price For Your Product

Pricing & Charging | Why do some aspiring entrepreneurs find it so hard to charge what they, their product or service are worth? How do you choose the right price for your product or service? Should you discount? And how on earth do you raise your prices without scaring off your customers or clients? Hear what Judith and Nicola have to say about it..

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In the show..

  • Nicola Cairncross & Judith Morgan start off the show by sharing what they’ve been up to this week in their own businesses.
  • Sharpening The Saw – Judith and Nicola discuss the people or things that have “fuelled their fire”. This week Nicola’s been inspired by Envato, owner of AudioJungle & Photodune and Judith’s feeling “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson – ft. Bruno Mars.
  • Words of the week are “accountability” and “podcast”
  • Judith’s been impressed this week by lunch at “Chez Bruce” in London while Nicola’s loving TAG The Podcast with James Schramko and Ezra Firestone.


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  1. Morning Judith and Nicola, I have enjoyed listening to this and found it very useful. My take on using coaching etc is not just about accountability which I find useful for overcoming my gremlins who seek to keep me safe, but mainly because of the focus it brings me. I can get scattered and distracted easily. It is very useful to have someone to remind me what I have said I want to do.

    • Hi Wendy

      I hear where you are coming from. To me, accountabiity and focus are completely different.
      With accountability I think of the sort of coaching where one becomes the audit police – have you done what you promised? Yes/No?
      With focus, it’s about my bringing the client back to the core thing all the time and helping them to evaluate opportunities which are on theme and bat away distractions which are not. I am happy to provide both but prefer the client work which is about focus. Clients who want focus are typical entrepreneurs, actually, excited about everything, Scanners (if you will) though you probably know I dislike that as it gives us permission to have our focus scattered.

      Life! If it was easy… it’d be boring!

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