Nicola is clearing her diary after just 3 days into Paul McKenna’s “3 Things That Will Transform Your Life” while Judith’s on Day 28 and feeling AWESOME!  Both are loving it and discuss how being a successful entrepreneur depends on your being able to get a grip of your mood, your feelings and visualising (then taking action!) releasing negativity and moving towards a positive outcome in business.

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In the show..

  • Nicola Cairncross & Judith Morgan start off the show by sharing what they’ve been up to this week in their own businesses
  • Sharpening The Saw – Nicola’s loving Paul McKenna while Judith is inspired by Rick Stein “A Cook Abroad”, the stories of the abalone fisherman who works only 100 days a year and the Japanese sushi chef on Tasmania whose restaurant only opens 2 days a week
  • Words Of The Week – “Ask” and “Feelings”
  • Finally, Nicola and Judith share what (or who) has impressed them this week. Nicola was impressed by her singing sister Heather who, despite many excuses, in the end just got up and sang (brilliantly) while Judith loves those who fall off any daily regime (juicing, meditating, doing your Miracle Morning) but who just GET BACK ON THE HORSE!

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