Exploring how to keep your self belief strong, this week Nicola was fortunate to be in Las Vegas, meeting people like Bob Doyle  who was featured in “The Secret” and learning about launches from Glen Ledwell from “MindMovies” and Anik Singal & Dan Leman from “The Circle Of Profit”

She learned about neuroplasticity from Bob Harris of Centrepointe Research Institute..  And was blushing while talking about relationships (and sex, before the starter even arrived!) with Susan & Tim Bratton of Personal Life Media.

Hear about it all and so much more in this week’s episode!

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In the show..

  • Nicola Cairncross & Judith Morgan start off the show by sharing what they’ve been up to this week in their own businesses
  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?
    For Judith it was Tom Evans’ course “Spiral of Abundance” and Sandy Forster’s suggestion in “Wildly Wealthy Fast” of clearing your clutter for cash.
    And for Nicola – the heady mix of Internet Marketing Geekery & Neuroplasticity & Law of Attraction / Positivity
  • Client Challenge Of The Week
    How do you keep your self-belief strong? How do you manage your time with a family and perhaps health issues and/or a day job, and what do you say to those who don’t support you?
  • Words Of The Week
    “Change” and “Comfort”
  • Impressed by..
    Judith’s friend and client who has just bought a franchise, a cash business smashing her target figures – x4 – in the first week!Nicola’s impressed by Lynn Rose whose sheer exuberance and energy around using Periscope prompted Nicola to persuade Judith to give it a go.Follow Lynn on @LynnRose, Nicola at @NicolaCairnX and Judith @JudithMorgan both on Twitter and Periscope if you want to be notified when we go live with video again.
  • Mentions
    The Secret
    Wealth Beyond Reason
    – Bob Doyle’s YouTube channel
    The Circle Of Profit
    Mind Movies – Glen Ledwell
    Personal Life Media – be a better lover
    Holosync® – self improvement, brain enhancement and stress-relief tool
    The Power of Wow – by Lori Bryant-Woolridge
    Newmads – Michael and Kayla

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