This week Judith and Nicola debate the ethical and moral dilemmas which arise everyday once you are in business. What if you don’t like your client or what they’re selling?  What if you don’t believe in horoscopes, cancer cures, angel healing etc. but your client does and so do millions of people in the world? Does it matter? If so, what do you do about it?

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In the Show..

Les Girls are excited to be going back to work with renewed energy and enthusiasm at the start of the Autumn Term.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Nicola’s been inspired by a “make $1,000 in a weekend” challenge offered by The Foundation and Judith is chuffed to have lots of new clients beginning in her Small Business Big Magic school.

  • Client Challenge of the Week

What happens if you don’t believe in your client or what they are offering to the world? It depends… is the answer! Listen and enjoy the debate and tell us what you think.

  • Words of the Week

Diversification and Push (on through!)

  • J&N Project Updates

Nicola explains what happened when she took up that challenge and how she achieved 3 new clients from mailing to just 500 people on her list. These three clients will be worth £1200 a year each to her business and one of them wants more. Judith is exploring a couple of new networking opportunities, increasing the flow of passive income. Both continue to be delighted by their fun and profitable results in Profit Accumulator.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

The theme of this section this week is growing up: Nicola’s daughter and Judith’s clients, adopting spreadsheets and talking property.

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