This week’s podcast is all about outdated business models in photography, graphic and interior design, property letting and managing agents, cleaning and publishing. Keep an eye out for innovations all around you so that your business doesn’t become a dinosaur, overtaken by an app or another better and more modern way of doing things.

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In the Show..

Nicola is excited about Snapchat with GaryVee and Judith is happy with how her first Digital Detox Friday went, and she’s confident she can do even better than the 19 hours unplugged she achieved at first attempt.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Nicola has created an updated Facebook Ads course while she was also training her new assistant. The material is available in video with a ticklist and a transcription. Judith loved helping a client to understand her own maths and see that she was already financially free and can now pay herself to do the creative thing she loves and was born to do.

  • Client Challenge of the Week

Today’s call is all about spotting new trends in business models, from the old ways of handling stuff personally to being delivered these days via an app or via some other online platform perhaps. Judith gives lots of examples and advises that all listeners need to do is simply keep an eye out for changes as you see them happening in your day-to-day life and ask yourself if there’s any learning/application for the model you are using in your own business.

  • Word of the Week

Judith chooses Listen (again?) particularly in regard to her new Conversations offering and Nicola picks Trepidation, in advance of her big holiday to the USA, cruising aboad ship first and then driving across America from Florida to California in a Mustang!

  • Project Updates

Nicola is excited by the first sale of that new Facebook Ads course, within the week of its creation, and Judith is still exploring names for her Conversations project – Big Talk, Straight Talk, Talking Shop or Chatterbox? Nicola also invites us to download her Click Cost Calc.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Judith has an artist client from Devon, UK, having her first London gallery show in January, and Nicola brings us back to Moonclerk and explains why it continues to impress her.

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