Nicola tells us how she used an R&D team to create her first ever autoresponder series, the Financial Intelligence 101 programme, which eventually became The Money Gym book. And Judith updates it to 2016 with a fantastic way to harness an R&D team to help you in a bang up to date way, involving a Secret Facebook Group of users, readers, consumers and fans, incentivised by gifts and prizes, reading your thing and sharing their social reach for you. This could work for launching anything.

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Nicola talks about the groundwork for the new client where she’s building a marketing funnel for her from scratch. And Judith talks about two 0800 starts this week, including one after a sleepless night, and making plans to work only 20-25 hours a week so she can enjoy her upcoming adventures in France and beyond. What’s the point of travel if you are too busy to notice and enjoy and explore your surroundings?

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

For the first time in 79 episodes, and with no comparing notes in advance, both Judith and Nicola have had their fire fuelled by the same thing – the degree to which their Summit experts and interviewees are opening up and sharing their deeply personal stories in ways which are often both moving and inspirational. They are all sharing really good stuff, much more than J&N dared hope.

  • Client Opportunity of the Week

Judith asks Nicola to describe how using an R&D team gave her the accountability to create her first 101-day autoresponder series which eventually turned into her first book. And then Judith shares the 2016 way to do that now from Mom by Example who posted this:

I am SO excited!!! Kathy XXXXXXX and I have co-authored a book and I need YOUR help! I am looking for 100 moms of young children, (newborn to 10-12ish), to be on the book’s launch team. I will send you a free copy of the book, entitled There’s an Easier Way, and add you to a secret Facebook page where you will be entered to win over $200 in gifts and prizes, and have fun interacting with other moms. All I will ask you to do is read the book, tell friends about it on social media, and rate it on Amazon! Did I mention that I am excited? Just PM me on this page or my XXXXX XXXX XXXXXXX Facebook page. Thanks!

Judith’s really impressed by the simple formula – Secret Facebook Group, $200 in gifts and prizes, community with other like-minds. In return you read the book, rate it on Amazon, and tell friends about it on social media. GENIUS! And it would work for launches of all sorts of things – books, online courses. What else?

  • Words of the Week

Judith chooses Happy, struck by how often Chris Barrow used it about himself on the Summit interview with him. And Nicola chooses Life, slightly worried that Judith is going to bully her into having one before she’s ready after her recent bereavement. As if!

  • Project Updates (as at recording date 11th May 2016)

18 speakers booked, two to go. 7 recorded + 4 more this week = 11 by the weekend, over half way through. Thunderclap update = 36 more sponsors needed by 17th June and now there’s a marketing plan. N&J debate Trello as a project management and planning tool, how Nicola likes to create systems but not to use them, and thanks are heaped upon Irene for being the first sale of the summit recordings. This time next year she’ll be one of the speakers as she’s away cruising on the weekend of the Live Summit itself, living her own very desirable life afloat.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Judith is impressed by one of the Summit speakers who makes $70,000 from a webinar and runs two a month! And he’s not the only speaker to make those sorts of figures from webinars. And Nicola is impressed by Dan Norris’ article about how to write 50 pieces of content a day and share them across 7 platforms, becoming a content machine in your own right.

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