Today’s podcast is about busting tolerations. What do you have on your long-term to do list which is draining your time and energy as you walk round them, step over them and live with the bodged-up workarounds? Fix them now and feel your spirits lift, your energy rise and your focus become immediately clearer. Take the weight off.

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In the Show..

Nicola’s in the third week of creating her client’s marketing funnel from scratch. This week? Video! And she’s booked Phoebe into her first few nights’ hotel accommodation for her upcoming trip to Bali.

Judith’s had two massive and nasty bombshells arrive in her inbox this week. Nevertheless she’s focusing on the good stuff (as per) and tells the story of how giving a copy of The E-Myth Revisited to one of the summit speakers in 2004 triggered a wonderful outcome all these years later. Never doubt the impact you have on the lives of others, even if you never become aware of it.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Judith appreciates Rose from New Zealand who left a wonderful testimonial on the Own It! The Podcast Facebook page. And Nicola talks about the power of follow up.

  • Client Opportunity of the Week

Nicola’s been busting tolerations and encourages listeners to do the same. What’s getting on your nerves? What do you keep meaning to fixing? The time is now. Do share what needs doing and perhaps we can help. Check out: TruValues and NeedsLess and report back how you get on.

  • Words of the Week

Judith picks Efficient and Nicola chooses Product. Judith goes for a bonus word in Tripod (for Cath).

  • Project Updates – Own It The Summit – Beyond the Laptop Lifestyle

N&J have completed 14 interviews out of 17, with three more this week, so by Saturday all but one of the 18 speaker interviews will be recorded and blog posts about them written up. From then on, it will marketing all the way. Judith’s had a big clearout on Trello of all the tasks completed on the summit plan. The campaign has reached 88 out of 100 sponsors on Thunderclap and Judith appeals for listeners to enter the blog competition.

Nicola’s outsourced her social media work in regard to the Summit so she can focus on tech specs. She wants to be able to broadcast live all weekend on 18th and 19th June and live chat with listeners and schedule everything in advance to make it easy on the day. She also needs to warn WP Engine that when the Thunderclap goes live on 17th June there will be a massive surge of traffic to the summit website with a potential reach of 250,000!

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Judith is impressed by James Roche saying “I’m easy to partner with” and Nicola’s impressed by Judith’s input into the summit taking care of all the admin and her reminders that the product being created is evergreen and something the podcast can leverage forever to defray expenses and create a profit.

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