Continuing with our series of challenges taken from The Portable Coach by Thomas J. Leonard, in this week’s podcast Nicola and Judith debate the second of his 28 Strategies for Business and Personal Success – Unhook Yourself from the Future.

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In the Show..

Nicola’s been out and about over the bank holiday weekend, enjoying the Brighton Food Festival and helping her singing sister Heather cull her overfull wardrobe. And Judith’s off work this week packing up her stuff and selling and recycling and donating it, in anticipation of her house move.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Judith decided to take three complete days of rest and relaxation over the bank holiday weekend, not doing any work or over-responding to emails or being digitally addicted. The outcome was that by Monday night she was enthusiastic again about this week’s business commitments, however few due to her holiday. The break worked like magic to re-fuel her fire. And Nicola is, as ever, excited about social media, specifically Kerwin Rae challenging himself to create measurable sales using Snapchat.

  • Client Challenge of the Week

Unhook yourself from the Future

Focus on the “now”. Free yourself of the worries of tomorrow and yesterday. Always affirm “I’ll focus completely on my family while I’m with them and totally on work while I’m there”. A smooth and secure present-time orientation is the most effective way to attract a better future. 

  • Give up a lifelong dream that hasn’t been progressing well.
  • Put all of your goals aside for 30 days and just do what you feel like doing each day.
  • Identify three “if…thens” in your life, meaning things you are doing now in order to have something later and, instead, work on the “then”, the ultimate goal, directly.
  • Words of the Week

Judith chooses Freecycle and Nicola picks Social.

  • Project Updates

All 18 Summit speakers have been recorded, blogged about and scheduled for the summit weekend itself.  The Thunderclap campaign is safe with over 100 sponsors. Judith is talking to the speakers about being affiliates and experiencing approximately a 50% take-up rate, and helping those out with links and copy. On 10th June the speakers will be asked to join the Thunderclap which should take up the social reach enormously.

For now, all efforts are going into marketing so that people can attend for free (Silver), or buy the evergreen products at the Gold and Platinum levels, thus monetising the podcast and allowing J&N to grow the podcast’s reach utilising the sales income. The blog competition’s deadline was midnight on 31st May and THREE entries came in during the last couple of hours!

Both Judith and Nicola have work to do – Nicola on the schedule and Judith on the re-recording of one of the adverts in the show.

Nicola’s also working on a second project (artisan foods) and has Zoltan, her programmer, working on creating a matching software for her.

Who or What’s Impressed?

Judith was impressed by 18th summit speaker, Neil Stafford, who is a membership site expert, specifically that his football coaching membership site encouraged girls equally to the boys.

Nicola’s been impressed by people having a go at Snapchat without knowing what results it’s going to bring, the experimenters.

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