In today’s podcast, Nicola and Judith debate how to build a brand online, particularly in light of one of Nicola’s clients who isn’t necessarily prepared to become the face of her new business. At the beginning of the discussion J&N do not know how or if it can happen, but they find some useful thoughts on the topic for the reluctant video star.

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In the Show..

Nicola’s bagged a couple of new big clients, referrals for Clicks and Leads and her son, Nelson, is DJing at the upcoming Wild Life Festival in Shoreham. Judith’s clutter-clearing via Freecycle and Gumtree even though her buyer has threatened to pull out of the purchase. Judith’s got just three days to rescue it. Can it be salvaged? We shall see.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Judith was happy to return to work, refreshed after a week off, and get on top of her admin. She’s resolved to continue with her strategy of reducing her working hours to about half a business day each weekday. She’s excited and upbeat about her impending move (fingers crossed) and scared too but knows that listening to the speaker interviews on the upcoming Summit weekend will shore up her confidence again.

Nicola’s pushing ahead with the creation of the first iteration of her artisan foods software which will match producers with buyers. The software is being created by Serbian Zoltan and plans are for an imminent soft launch with food producers being able to upload their first three products for free.

  • Client Challenge of the Week

Can you build a brand online without being the face of it? What if you are a reluctant video star, or your day job precludes you being all over social media in your own name or face? Can your logo and your brand personality and values, and your blog, do the job for you? Yes, J&N decide that they think it can.

  • Words of the Week

Nicola picks Creativity and Judith chooses Patience.

  • Project Updates

Summit pre-sales are up to $488 which was always Judith’s goal and is the first direct podcast income in 80+ episodes over a year and a half. This bodes well for ongoing sales of a great evergreen product which will mean N&J can extend the reach of Own It! the podcast.

10 days and counting to the summit, Judith and Nicola have successfully tested Go to Webinar recommending the Go to Webinar app for all mobile phones and tablets. The speaker schedule has been finalised on Trello and publicised on the summit website and circulated to all speakers. The Thunderclap reach is up over 350,000 with many more speakers yet to join in. Nicola’s been social media sharing every day and has commissioned the 18 speaker images we need to show while the audios are playing on the live weekend.

Judith confesses that she’s looking forward to it all being over for the very best of reasons. To have undertaken so much extra work on top of normal workload for the last ten weeks has been testing at times, but well worth it.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Nicola talks about Caitlyn Jenner which provokes a lengthy conversation about the special challenges of being transgender. And Judith is impressed by all those going through special challenges of any sort, which they simple fold into their lives and find ways to manage, cope with, solve and emerge from. If that’s you, kudos. We’ve noticed.

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