Irene Conlin of Building Top Companies stands in for Judith in the second week of her August holiday. Irene brings Client Challenge of the Week which is about her own perpetual desire as her business grows for even more freedom.

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In the Show..

Irene introduces herself to the podcast audience and then has a little rant about 750 houses being built on the greenfield site which is the beautiful view from her office window; she’s been to a futile local Council planning meeting and then she realises she has infinite choice about where she lives. And she also explains about mini-breaks being exhausting!

Nicola describes two referrals she’s enjoyed this week but where both were looking for her best work at either rock-bottom prices or for free. And how and why she found those opportunities very easy to turn away.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Irene’s been ignited by passionate people who love what they do, thinking of the Olympic athletes and also of the volunteers she met a one of England’s stately homes. Nicola’s fuelled her fire with YouTube, discovering that one of her own  videos has been viewed 200,000 times!

  • Client Challenge of the Week

Irene steps up to brainstorm with Nicola matters surrounding her core value of freedom, and how she feels it is compromised at times by her business. With each successful iteration of the business she feels increasingly trapped and responsible, and thus the desire is born to keep reinventing the wheel so as to create an escape route for herself.  Nicola and Irene debate membership sites and whether the business owners themselves in mastermind groups would be a better focus for Irene’s work and whether those same clients would appreciate Irene’s membership club more than managers, who Nicola sees as employees. Irene gets plenty to think about!

  • Words of the Week

Irene chooses Attitude and Nicola goes for Reflect.

  • Project Updates

In offering a free trial of her membership site to 400 contacts on LinkedIn, Irene attracts an enquiry from an trade association which opens the door for a possible JV. And Nicola explains that she has stopped doing anything new which enables her main focus to become marketing what she’s already got. She still on a strict diet of No New Projects.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Irene is impressed by business owners who give it a go and risk all. She regards them as magnificent people. And NIcola’s impressed this week by Buffer Pro.

Hear more from Irene and Nicola here.

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