Sarah Newton is Nicola’s guest co-host in this episode. Sarah is a teenologist, author, speaker and dragon-slayer. She tells Nicola how her career progressed from working for Disney to being a police officer with young offenders and how she started her own business sixteen years ago so she could continue that work in her own way. Find out more about Sarah at and and hear more in her earlier interview with Nicola here.

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In the Show..

Sarah opens the show with a mini-rant about the unreasonable expectations of the media, that you will drop everything at short notice, including income-producing activities, and their assumption that everyone wants to be on the telly when actually you get better results from radio. She shares a fascinating realisation about the day we entrepreneurs will wield that power for ourselves and not need them any longer. It’s already here.

Nicola’s life has gone quiet. The last two weeks or August feel different, people are away, there are more parking spaces in the high street, and this freedom has afforded her some precious time for thinking.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Sarah met a 22 year-old apprentice at a radio station this week who, after her own troubled teenage years, has decided to become a role model for her own daughter and that encounter reminded Sarah why she does the work she does.  Nicola is surprised and delighted to be falling back in love with YouTube.

  • Client Challenge of the Week

Sarah brings her own challenge to the podcast, that of how it feels “braggy” to share photos of her experiences on TV and radio with her social media audience. Nicola teaches her a simple fun, fast and easy way to create whatever she likes whenever she likes and how to work with a VA to share it all across every platform in different formats. There’s nothing like the cred you get from being in the media and it’s a crime not to leverage it. Don’t let us be hiding our lights under bushels when we can help others through our work.

  • Words of the Week

Sarah chooses Marginal Gains and Nicola opts for Re-Charge.

  • Project Updates

Sarah is moving her business from 1-2-1 coaching to being an author and a speaker and working with the media. She’s revamping her websites and writing books to deadlines in her head. She goes with the flow of her own energy and has a flexible system which accommodates her, not vice versa.

Inspired by podcast episode 091 with Jacqueline Rogers, Nicola is re-writing the Science of Getting Rich for the internet age (and for atheists) and proposes that she and Sarah collaborate on re-writing it for teens.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Sarah is impressed by all Olympians, even to the extent of being a runner in a small way herself. And Nicola loves which enables the creation and scheduling of Instagram posts from your computer (not just your mobile).


The video about the Irish boys

Sarah’s book choice – Creativity Inc.

Nicola’s book choice – Orbiting the Giant Hairball

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