Marion Ryan stands in for Judith this week and she brings Client Challenge of the Week: Self-Sabotage. Together she and Nicola brainstorm why we do this and how to find ways to stick with the programme.

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In the Show..

Marion talks about her current business as a franchisee of Slimming World in Ireland and what changes it has brought to her life since last she and Nicola caught up. There’s talk of autumn in the air and spiders, text etiquette, client boundaries, accountability systems, Sarah’s birthday and the pub quiz.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Marion is surprised to discover her delight at bar charts, specifically those which measure her performance against other local groups, where she’s doing better than most and where she has work to do. Nicola is inspired by reading about being bigger than the place you fill in the universe and leaving something of value when you go.

  • Client Challenge of the Week

Why do we self-sabotage? How can Nicola and Marion inspire their respective clients to keep on showing up, keep connected to what’s important to them and why they signed up to any particular programme in the first place. Marion commits to do her first Facebook Live video within 3 days of the recording.

  • Words of the Week

Marion chooses Angels and Nicola brings Silly Season.

  • Project Updates

Marion is in the middle of a 15-day promotional window for new joiners in September and she and Nicola agree that when you are passionate about the solution you provide and understand the value you bring, you can’t fail. It’s all about serving people.

Nicola’s focus is on creating content. She is finding it harder than she thought now that everything in the back end of her online business is done, so no tinkering is required. She’s discovering a deep well of passion for the psychological side of her business, the psychology of why.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Marion is impressed by the courage and strength of the nominees in each of her groups for the Woman of the Year awards. Tears have been shed! And Nicola is impressed by Frank Kern’s marketing to her after she bought a $5 book of his she suspected she already owned. She’s enjoyed the process of being marketed to by Frank.

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