In the fifth and final week of Judith’s August holiday, Nicola’s co-host in episode 95 is Sue Revell of Sue brings this week’s challenge, one of her own, namely is it possible to be curious but consistent?

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In the Show..

Sue and Nicola get to know one another. Sue’s career both before and since starting her own business fairly recently has been all about making a difference .They talk about diary zoning, getting new clients via referral, learning to trust, saying yes to more, clearing out space and preparing for September and beyond.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Sue’s been presented with the opportunity to lecture 270 MBA students, talking to a new age group for the first time. And Nicola has been thinking some more about top-down consulting, inspired by Frank Kern and Neil Stafford.

  • Client Challenge of the Week

Sue wonders aloud if curiosity and consistency are mutually exclusive. And Nicola shows her how committing to a simple easy-to-follow system, perhaps as little as two blog posts a week, and working with a team very affordable team of outsourcers could mean that consistency becomes a challenge no more. They discuss personal responsibility, loyalty, multiple uses of the same content and How to Be Everywhere Online. Nicola shares with Sue her blueprint for a very affordable automated marketing machine.

  • Words of the Week

Sue chooses Wow and Nicola picks Transformation.

  • Project Updates

Sue is launching her Unstoppable Leaders Lounge on Facebook. And Nicola is happy to see people coming through her new funnel and about the Science of Getting Rich Online.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Sue’s been inspired by Joan Kennedy’s video about becoming an artist and Nicola’s loving Hustle by Jesse Tevelow: The Life-Changing Effects of Constant Motion.

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