098 | Is Your Digital Addiction Making You Unhappy?

Today Nicola and Judith debate whether your digital addiction is making you unhappy, even adversely affecting your mental health.

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In the Show..

Judith’s been juicing kale and (inadvertently) wearing it on her t-shirt on a visit to the post office. She’s also enjoyed a nice little outing to the cinema to see Bridget Jones’s Baby. Nicola continues to be impressed by Sarah’s fabulous clutter-clearing efficiency in anticipation of their move to Stoupa in Greece, and Phoebe (Nicola’s daughter) has made her first £5 online. You never forget your first.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Nicola’s been watching Simon Sinek and Judith’s been observing how quickly (or slowly) she achieves rapport with her clients so they can do their best work in a relationship which has length and breadth and depth and trust and mutual respect.

  • Client Challenge of the Week

Is your digital addiction making you unhappy and lonely and isolated?  More and more of those working exclusively online are coming out and confessing that the dopamine hits provided by online popularity are no substitution for a real life with real human beings, and that digital addiction is adversely affecting their mental health and wellbeing. Judith and Nicola both think their impending change of location will affect this aspect of their lives for the better, but will it? That remains to be seen as their travel stories unfold.

  • Words of the Week

Judith picks Presume (don’t) and Nicola goes for Connection, in keeping with her theme of the week.

  • Project Updates

Judith’s still stuck in the UK and Nicola remains determined not to take on any new projects. It’s all blog posts on SwaggerandSoul.com and tripwires for her.

Judith recommends Vrumi.com if you are looking to rent a room in which to do some client work.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Judith’s running what she thinks will be her last ever Cashflow game in London this week. Although clients have travelled great distances before, from Gloucester to Canary Wharf, and from Scotland and France to London, one of her players this week is coming all the way from Colorado, USA. That’s a remarkable first.

Sarah’s just sold a childhood game on eBay for £61 which Nicola bought for £10, making a ka-ching profit of £51 for their Stoupa travel fund, and Nicola’s son Nelson has produced his latest choon with his father on vocals, a real family affair.

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  1. I definitely understand the idea of isolation in the digital age — even in a crowded city like New York. I’ve been discouraged by the life-coach industrial complex, as it’s sometimes cynically called, because it misrepresents the value of in-person relationships for those online. Lately it’s been a challenge to find people to serve as mentors, accountability partners, and even masterminds — in person. Plenty of stupid Facebook groups, but I’m not alone in finding minimal value in that.

    The good news is that online interaction can *reinforce* relationships you’ve built in person. For example, seeing someone once a year at a conference helps you stay close. It seems counterintuitive, but it’s also encouraging for planning a future online/offline business.

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