Today Nicola and Judith are celebrating 100 podcast episodes of Own It! and they reflect on ups, downs, learnings and surprises as they look forward to episode 200, setting some marketing and other intentions for the next leg of their journey.

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In the Show…

Nicola’s birthday, Nelson’s birthday, Sarah’s surprise chilli con carne, the X Factor Judges’ Houses and mirror spex make up the story of their last seven days.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Judith has enjoyed a blogging day and mentions The Million Dollar Blog by Natasha Courtenay-Smith. Nicola’s enjoyed a book too, Value-Based Fees by Alan Weiss.

  • Client Opportunity of the Week

Today it’s all about the podcast and celebrating the first 100 episodes of Own It! What’s next for Nicola and Judith and their podcast? What’s on their wish list? What have they learned and how can they leverage that in the next 100 episodes?

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  • Words of the Week

Judith chooses Usury and Nicola picks Confidence.

  • Project Updates

Judith’s still in London and grappling with usurious demands of her freeholder and delays from her buyer but confesses to being 100% relaxed about it, not attached to the outcome. Nicola’s choosing new membership site software which integrates with everything she wants it to and the Swagger & Soul podcast is launched with some competitive spirit between the two sisters!

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Nicola’s been out for a drink with Owen and John, a couple of local entrepreneurs she’s known for ages. They wanted to pick her brain about marketing and Nicola describes why she admires them both.

Judith’s been very taken with three programmes on BBC2 about health without drugs, specifically The Retreat which she recommends to Nicola as she knows she will love it but also Trust Me, I’m a Doctor (episode 3) about turmeric, and the only two episodes of The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs. Still plenty of time to watch all three series, even at air date there’s 7-12 days left.

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