How do you choose a coach or mentor? Today, in episode 104, Nicola and Judith debate how and why they became coaches and mentors and how they choose their own coaches and mentors.

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In the Show..

Nicola’s been down to Katerina’s superstore looking for kindling, and then discovering on the way home that their path was strewn with sticks! And Judith’s having a go at writing a book this month in NaNoWriMo. She’s well and truly getting her writing groove on. This puts Nicola in mind of this article by Dan Norris.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Judith is excited about Module 2 in Jacqueline Rogers’ The Manifestation Game. Module 2 is all about VIBRATION and the group have created a high vibe playlist on YouTube which Judith will be sharing day-by-day throughout November. Nicola’s taken on some new study with My Spirit Business and tells about Mike Hill and Kylie and also about discovering your archetypes with

  • Client Challenge of the Week

How do you choose a coach and/or mentor when you are ready to up your game or learn something new? Nicola and Judith compare notes about how and why and when they became coaches/mentors way back, who their first coaches were, how they chose them, how they worked with them and how and when and why they decide to make that investment in themselves now.

  • Words of the Week

Nicola chooses One and Judith picks Hubris.

  • Project Updates – All About the Podcast

Nicola and Sarah are working on first getting their Swagger & Soul podcast and then Own It onto You Tube for reasons as previously discussed. There is a small delay due to having to work out how to do images. And Judith has found a new definition of the way podcast iTunes charts work.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Judith is impressed by Lambeth Council making the impossible possible and putting on an extra bin collection when they said they could not find a way to correct their own error, missing last week’s collection of non-recyclables causing a street-wide backlog.

Nicola is impressed by a TED Talk by Professor Jordan Peterson and also recommend we check out his site which is called It’s all about the value of journalling and proof that it makes us happier, healthier and more productive.

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