107 | A Million In The Bank After 10 Years

Today on the podcast, Nicola and Judith debate a real-life challenge from Cathie who would like to have a million in the bank after ten years from her new online business. Part of her goal is to have created this income and made time to finish her other passion projects.

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In the Show..

Nicola’s earned herself one of Katerina’s Loyalty Cards – woo hoo! And Judith’s anticipating December off and preparing for 2017 already.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Judith’s made two new global pals without leaving home, both called the same name though with different spelling. Gillian in the USA and Jillian in the UK. And Nicola’s getting the results from her survey for women, all about their challenges online. She explains why she was at first she was dismayed, then uplifted.

  • Client Challenge of the Week

This week’s challenge comes courtesy of Cathie who is just starting out online. Her goal is £1million in the bank in ten years.  Cathie shares all sorts of things about herself which are intriguing and she’s clearly a fast starter, website, blog, free giveaway, tick, tick, tick. Nicola and Judith compare notes and recommend some business models that Cathie might take inspiration from, including Jo Barnes who was one of their speakers on the 2016 podcast summit and Jeni Hott, 7-figure blogger. Here’s Nicola’s interview with Jeni.

  • Words of the Week

Nicola chooses Delight and Judith picks Clarity.

  • Project Updates – all about the Podcast

Nicola is enjoying creating memes out of a couple of podcast episodes each week, the current week’s show and an earlier one, and sharing them on Instagram. She’s working out the best way to measure results from that although she can already see plenty of Likes.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Nicola is impressed by Greek ingenuity and efficiency, and Judith by the Merrymaker Sisters’ new app Get Merry: Quick and Easy Healthy Recipes which launched this week and went straight to #1 on Ozzie Amazon. More inspiration for Cathie! We interviewed the Merries on our “Own It: Beyond The Laptop Lifestyle” package and you can get that interview, along with 17 others here.

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1 Comment

  1. Dear Nicola and Judith,
    Have just finished listening to your entertaining and informative podcast. You bounce of each other in a really cool way! Thank you for your comments. You’ve helped settle my mind enormously. In answer to your first question Judith, my passion projects are as follows: I’ve written a musical, dialogue and songs. It’s a gothic steampunk anti-romance…want to get it picked up by local am-dram group and then sell it. I’ve written 4 books of poetry (poems dribble out of me like water out of a leaky tap, at least one a day, sometimes more), want to get them performed, recorded and on a you tube channel, also like to get them published. I’m on the 2nd instalment of a series of stories I see as a TV series – modern mystical/seek and find thriller type stuff. I’m well into the outline of a story that HAS to be a film – modern fantasy sort of, but don’t know how to write a screenplay…yet. Also got 5 other projects started and not finished, couple of novels, another TV series and a movie. And get new ideas all the time!! Oh, also I write songs and sing.
    I’m self employed but work mainly for the same company. Bill hourly up to max 39 a week. Every hour counts. Hubby doesn’t work much, in different place on the spectrum to me, we’ve got quite a bit of debt. Affiliate marketing seemed a way to make extra cash so could spend more time writing. Don’t have a bean. HATE counting my day by the hour. So….will take your advice on the blog and keep on writing. Thank you both. Am going to listen to Jo Barnes podcast now. Have a great weekend!

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