Today’s podcast is about why people still struggle and feel confusion, and how taking responsibility for your results is the answer.

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In the Show..

Nicola’s been on a night out, ending with cocktails at Bar 360. And Judith’s experiencing a coffee crisis which leads to a (lack of) customer service rant.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Judith is all about the new moon on 29th November and a nice email complimenting her on her website. And Nicola is excited about launching her own app early in the new year.

  • Client Challenge of the Week

The results of Nicola’s survey continue to come in and she’s at somewhat of a loss to discover that people are still struggling with the same old, same old. Why are you confused? When will you take responsibility for your results? J&N attempt to make sense out of some perennial questions, where to get the information you need and what to do with it.

Mark Manson’s Book is mentioned by Nicola in passing.

  • Words of the Week

Nicola picks Incendiary and Judith chooses Intangible.

  • Project Updates

Nicola’s decided to spend podcast funds on a Facebook Ads campaign for Page Likes and boosting the new Facebook Notes.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Nicola is impressed by Casey Neistat’s Beme app being bought by CNN for $25m. Judith is impressed by what she’s learned about former Chancellor Ed Balls from his time on Strictly Come Dancing, finally eliminated in Week 10, but not until after getting her to change her mind about him, not as a dancer, but definitely as a man, a politician and a human being.

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