Today’s podcast answers a challenge sent in by a regular listener. She’s planning to launch two new products for which she doesn’t yet have testimonials. How important is social proof and what are other ways to achieve it until then?

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In the Show..

Nicola’s been celebrating her name day in Greece and she’s made a new friend and discovered some young podcasters in that new friend’s family. And Judith recounts the story of Paracetamolgate.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Nicola’s fire has been fuelled by creating a daily blog series documenting her process on the way to launching her new programme. And Judith’s created a list of words about her clients – arty, wordy, ambitious, visible, creative, decisive, etc. Good game!

  • Client Challenge of the Week

“I have 2 new products, not yet with testimonials. What are your recommendations to get more social proof? One is aimed at helping businesses to sell to women called 7 Keys to Selling to Women to get her Sold on You. And the other is called Return on Connection, aimed at content marketers to help them to create and develop connection with their content and to get a return on connection because content without connection is like tea without cake. I am really the cake lady specialising in female-friendly cake! Any input in your podcast would be lovely.”

Nicola and Judith dive in and offer all sorts of advice around the longer question as well as specific thoughts on how to get more social proof. They recommend only launching one product at a time, not both together. And Nicola very much favours the second idea and explains why.

  • Words of the Week

Judith chooses Plan and Nicola brings Team.

  • Project Updates about the Podcast

In the last week Nicola has added over 100 Likes to the Own It! Podcast page and she and Judith debate the pros and cons of that, and try to dissect assumptions. What’s the value of a Facebook Like and how does this help your brand? Have the new Likers listened to an episode of the podcast which is the main goal, to increase the audience? How can J&N connect with each new valued lead on a personal basis, as advocated by Gary Vaynerchuck?

Who or What’s Impressed?

Both Nicola and Judith are impressed by Dan Norris and his business WP Curve joining forces with Go Daddy in a delicious brand match.

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