In the New Year episode of Own It! Nicola and Judith talk about their dreams, plans, goals and intentions for their own businesses and for the podcast in 2017.

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In the Show..

Nicola’s talking about Instagram Live and Judith about two weeks off, where she’s spending Christmas this year and about feeling good about life, about herself and about 2017.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Nicola’s Christmas gift to herself is a DSLR camera and Judith’s fire has been fuelled by lovely feedback from two clients, who are also podcast listeners, one of whom calls her a shepherdess which she thinks is very Christmassy!

  • Client Challenge of the Week – Envisioning 2017

Nicola looks forward to her new signature programme, her app, her travel plans and publishing some more of her own books. Judith wants to write and speak on bigger platforms, to be a columnist and have a phone-in radio show, become an app, make her work all about Consultation and Conversation, expand Small Business Big Magic and cap Club 100, and not to take on anything which lasts for 365 days, except 2017 itself.

  • Words of the Year for 2017

Nicola chooses Focus and Judith continues on her mission to help her clients to end their Struggle, which also happens to be the topic of the most shared episode of Own It! the podcast, the one about being addicted to struggle.

  • Project Updates – Dreams, plans, goals and intentions for the podcast

Judith tells Nicola that it is their laughter she most enjoys about the podcast, and that they shouldn’t be afraid to disagree as creative tension makes the show more interesting. N&J discuss their ongoing tech challenges and opportunities for the podcast itself, to re-shape the show in 2017 and beyond, and to review the podcast website. Judith feels they might be missing a trick there, too close to it themselves.

  • Who or What’s Impressed for 2017?

Nicola is impressed by anyone who embraces new technology and makes it fit and serve their business. Judith is impressed by anyone who commits to their dreams, plans, goals and intentions and shows up to do the work of change.

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