Finding that perfect VA to whom you can outsource. Where to start? Admin and finance? Tech? Operations? If you want it all fixing at once, and you don’t know where to find or how you will pay for the help you need, today’s show will give you some ideas and hopefully a couple of solutions too.

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In the Show..

In only a week, Nicola’s new app has been downloaded in 7 countries and she’s sent out 25 press releases and she thinks she’s hooked her first feature article in her local paper back home. Phoebe’s created a new ident video and the first draft of the all-new NC vzine. Judith’s website has been down for nearly a week. Eek! Why has she been so strangely calm about it?

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Nicola is back talking to clients again and loving it, and Judith has enjoyed a beloved client unexpectedly renewing for the whole of 2017, much to her surprise and delight.

  • Client Challenge of the Week

Nicola’s recent client work has thrown up a couple of inter-related issues. She wants to fix things and her clients appear to want to moan about what’s wrong first. Is that a waste of their valuable time with her, or part of the solution? The real nub is about the trials of outsourcing and finding that perfect VA to do jobs such as admin and finance, tech, project management and operations. What to do if these people cost between £20 and $150 an hour, how to decide invest in that? How to know who to trust and where to start when it comes to delegation, and how to take care not to abdicate.

  • Words of the Week

Judith brings Drain (with thanks to a client) and Nicola chooses Delegation.

  • Project  Updates

Nicola shares with Judith a couple of measurable statistics about the podcast’s download numbers, both moving averages indicating an increase in the number of daily downloads which is one of the goals of Own It! Nicola thinks she saw an uptick in that stat too since the launch of her new app in only the last week or so.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Nicola is delighted with some fabulous and swift customer service she received from Michael Russo of and Judith tells Nicola about two and inspirational films she’s enjoyed this week, both contenders for the Oscars 2017:

Loving about the couple who made inter-racial marriage legal in the States in the Sixties, and

Hidden Figures about three brainy black women who worked at NASA in that same era too.

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