What do you do when someone wants to pick your brain? It starts off fine and you are pleased to help and share some knowledge but all too soon it descends into you worrying about how much time and expertise you are giving for free in support of someone who really should be paying for your expertise.

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In the Show..

Judith is still preparing to move house. Maybe. Maybe not! This week she’s done the optician and the hairdresser while both are still local. She also talks about the irony of “time being of the essence” – after eight months! – and proudly tells how she fixed a couple of glitches on Mailchimp.

Nicola’s achieved what she wanted with her new book on Amazon and has announced a workshop at Gatwick in April, the content for which will do double duty in the marketing part of her Pivot Point six week programme.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Both Nicola and Judith are excited to have received emails from clients from a long time ago saying how they’d implemented what they’d learned and how delighted they are now with the changes and results in their lives, both financially and creatively.

And Judith’s excited to have received an email from a national radio station in the UK asking if she’d like to be a regular paid expert for them. Yes please!

  • Client Challenge of the Week

What do you do when someone approaches you asking for a quick bit of advice, but after the brain-picking becomes more intense and time-consuming, you realise this is what you do for a living and that you must invite your mentee to join one of your paid coaching or consulting options. How do you handle the crossover? When is it right to call time on the valuable expertise you are giving away and who do you let interrupt your flow via Facebook Messenger and what boundaries can you put around that?

In this context, Judith is reminded of an article by David McQueen entitled The £500 Cup of Coffee.

  • Words of the Week

Nicola chooses Rejuvenated and Judith picks Words, Nicola suspects not for the first time!

  • Project Updates

Nicola updates the listeners with the podcast’s stats (and assumptions) at iTunes, Pushcrew and Libsyn. She thinks the article which caused the big spike on 31st January was about how to outsource to a VA. Judith is frustrated that podcasts appear to be the only form of content marketing where you cannot do accurate tracking. The jury’s out on Pushcrew Nicola explains, and Libsyn records only download numbers.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Judith says we are in the middle of a purple patch when it comes to movies right now – Fences, Moonlight, Hacksaw Ridge and Denial being the four she has consumed in time for the BAFTAs in the last week alone. She’s ahead of her own viewing plan for the Oscars and can now sit back and relax.

Nicola recommends Deep Work: by Cal Newport, about creating the right conditions for flow in the important parts of our work. The subtitle of the book is Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World and who doesn’t need more of that? Well, fewer rules perhaps, but more focused success and fewer distractions.

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