In this week’s podcast Nicola and Judith respond to a plea for help from an entrepreneur who has spent all her money on launch, leaving a marketing budget of precisely zero. Help! What should she do?

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In the Show..

Judith kicks off with a rant about the recent banning of laptops and gadgets larger than a smartphone in hand luggage on airplanes. In a move started by the US on 22nd March 2017, followed immediately by the UK and likely only to expand, how can the global nomad travel safely and securely with their tech and keep the skies safe for the rest of us?

Nicola’s got a new business idea, but should she teach everyone how to do it, or offer to do it for them, or both?

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Judith’s enjoyed a Super Thursday with more than half of her clients reporting stonking results from being shortlisted, to publishing songs and audio recordings, to great critical creative writing feedback, to dating, to doubling profits, to taking action. Judith isn’t taking credit for any of this, just enjoying the excitement of her clients who at one point thought they’d broken her, such were her rising levels of happiness.

Nicola’s fallen back in love with Webinarjam having used it again successfully recently and found lots of useful new ways to use it, all of which she’s found helpful and easy.

  • Client Challenge of the Week

Help! My marketing budget is zero. What do N&J recommend to someone who has a new product competing against some heavy hitters with bottomless marketing budgets, when that person has spent all her money on the launch of a children’s healthy snack?

Nicola whizzes through a list of ideas to get people’s attention including:

  1. Mummy Bloggers
  2. PR and press releases
  3. Twitter to connect with journalists,
  4. Instagram to connect with influencers with good engagement,
  5. Short branding videos (made yourself or by a film student) telling different parts of your personal, business and marketing stories and emphasising your points of difference, especially from the corporate products on the same shelves.
  6. Talk about your people, your product and your passion; be different.
  • Words of the Week

Judith chooses Slow and Nicola picks Decisiveness.

  • Project Updates – All About the Podcast

Not much to report this week from Pushcrew, iTunes and Libsyn; seven days isn’t a very long time in the life of a podcast it seems.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Judith is impressed by a couple of linguists who can think and even joke in what may be not their only second language, Iraqi Prime Minister Mr Abadi talking at the US Institute of Peace, and former client Cristina who gets Judith’s quite subtle self-deprecating humour on Facebook. Judith likes that it is an indicator in both examples of quite gifted and exceptional human beings especially Mr Abadi who demonstrated a fluency of complex political thought – in English.

Nicola is excited by which is a more discerning outsourcing platform, favoured by corporate buyers and focusing on freelancers who typically charge more than $25 per hour. Konsus advertise that they take on less than 1 in 100 applicants.

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