Today’s Challenge is about how best to handle clients who get distracted by just in case learning when all they need to focus on is just in time, only what they need right now. Beware the buyer’s high which feels like having taken action when all you’ve done is bought something online. Marketing can all too easily turn us all into junkies.

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In the show…

Nicola and Sarah only have two and a half weeks left before they come back to the UK for a couple of months. And Judith talks about what she’s learned in the last week from clients about how needlessly we all worry when mostly everything works out for the best.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Judith’s noticed that working closely with a colleague who ends emails in an upbeat way such as “don’t worry, be happy” changes up the vibe and brings better results. Similarly her pal’s use of the expression “everything’s working out perfectly” brought that into being more often than otherwise. Judith describes this as magic and Nicola equates magic with quantum physics.

Nicola is excited to observe that people aged 55-75 who found out about her via Instagram are more likely to become buyers of her Be Everywhere Online course, perhaps giving the lie to what is often said about “older” people not being online as much as those half their age. Since N and J are both in this age bracket now, enough of the “older”!

  • Client Challenge of the Week

How to keep clients on track with what they need to know and learn and do right now, rather than trying to learn (and buy) the entirety of the internet in case they need it later. Judith tries to persuade Nicola that they need to make a pact with their clients so they understand that working with J&N means they are being offered shortcuts and savings by two people who’ve tried pretty much everything, and who know almost everyone, thus saving their clients time and money and heartache. What’s the best way to get clients to know and fully appreciate and remember to use that resource, reducing their overwhelm and saving time for all concerned?

  • Words of the Week

Judith chooses Piecework and describes trying to persuade clients not to charge for their skills by the hour, but move instead to project/value billing. Nicola talks about the best way to have a car in Stoupa and how that provides Independence. Should she drive an old banger to and from the UK each time, swerving local confusing bureaucracy?

  • Project Updates – all about the Podcast

Only Libsyn this week, up strongly in the last ten days. Up strongly is always very encouraging for both J&N. Nicola thinks it might be because last week’s show invited listeners to share the podcast with just one other person who might be interested as that would double the audience at a stroke. Please keep up the good referral work listeners.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

There’s a very handsome new waiter (name as yet unknown) at the Cafe Aktion in Stoupa and both Sarah and Nicola are VERY smitten.

Judith is impressed by Margaret Collins, Rebecca Ballard and Margaret’s sister Lynn, a three-woman family unit who march for their principles and who have have been on the end of some quite nasty trolling on Margaret’s Facebook profile as a result of their political activism. They march (and sing!) for what they believe in and they are improving the world with the courage of their convictions.

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