This week the podcast revisits the topic of comparisonitis, for which Nicola and Judith make no apology since it affects so many of their clients so often. Nicola observes and describes the downward spiral of comparisonitis – demotivation – paralysis, and together with Judith she debates what we can all do to jolt ourselves out of this vicious circle and get back to joyful productivity.

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In the Show..

Judith kicks off the show with the story of The Grammar Vigilante, the Banksy of Bristol, who goes about under cover of darkness correcting misplaced apostrophes on shop signs. She professes both a sneaking regard for him and a terror of becoming him.

A highlight of Nicola’s week has been the re-opening of Pefko Taverna. She’s also enjoyed a 90-day planning and review exercise shared by Chris Barrow*, and attracting her first few clients into the Be Everywhere Online 12 week Mastermind.

*Here are the four 90-day questions to ask yourself:
  1. Morale: “what were my 5 best achievements from the last quarter?”
  2. Momentum: “what are the 5 areas of focus and progress making me the most confident right now?”
  3. Motivation: “what new things are giving me the greatest sense of excitement going forward?”
  4. Multipliers: “If I could just focus on 5 things that would be the multipliers during the next quarter, what would they be?”
  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Judith’s got strangers in her diary (this is an excellent thing) and she’s noticing a trend of clients moving from orthodox, high-achieving careers in mainstream professions into the world of spirituality. Nicola fears this means religion, Judith explains that’s not her interpretation.

Nicola is excited by continuing to find new ways of being everywhere online such as turning her vzine into a video podcast on iTunes, creating a whole new audience, and stripping out the audio and using that for another audio podcast too. She’s happy to have noticed an upswing in her results which she thinks comes from all her extra activity online.  She’s going to turn a spreadsheet into a piece of software, showing clients how to create a 12-week content plan.

  • Client Challenge of the Week

Comparisonitis. What to do when you notice an outbreak of comparing yourself unfavourably to others, which can lead to your being firstly demotivated and then paralysed. What’s the best way to shake yourself out of the low vibe that these feelings create? What’s the best way to future-proof yourself against comparisonitis?

  • Words of the Week

Judith picks April because it is her birthday month, and Nicola chooses Re-purposing because she’s found another use for some of her Business Success Factory interviews, starting with the six she transcribed in her latest book.

  • Project Updates

Libsyn shows three ups and one down, more right than wrong with the podcast download numbers. This encourages J&N. Thank you to all the show’s listeners who pay it forward by recommending the podcast to an entrepreneurial friend. Instagram seems to be playing a role in this trend, about which more in a later show.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Judith is impressed by Daphne Kapsali again, who has not only published another book, For Now: Notes on Living a Deliberate Life, but invited all her 1600 of those on her Facebook Page if they’d like a free copy. So much about this impresses Judith – prodigious output, abundance, an opportunity to receive all good things in return such as feedback, blurb quotes, social media noise, recommendations and reviews. Daphne’s new book is out on 9th April so will be available by the time this show goes live.

Nicola is impressed by people she sees as “naturals” at social media – Dan Knowlton of KPS Digital Marketing and his brother Lloyd, and Nico who lives in Stoupa (and rides a moped). She encouraged him to ask for a selfie with a famous Polish pop star in the restaurant where Nico works.

In closing the show, Judith asks Nicola to update her and the listeners with news of her having recently joined a creative writing group. Does Nicola think she will enjoy creative writing? What’s she going to write? Nicola reads out her first few sentences and looks forward to being published in the fiction genre too. She talks about The Snowflake Method of writing a novel which she’s discovered – where else but online!

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