People and Performance: The main topic for today’s show arises organically from the discussion in the Who or What’s Impressed section. Judith tells the story of her brother and also of a client, both of whom expressed how challenging it is to get the best out of your people, whether teams or individuals. Judith’s theory is that’s what makes our work as coaches and cheerleaders and chairmen interesting.

  • If you could fix all problems in one session for your clients, would you?
  • Or are people endlessly fascinating?
  • Is that what keeps our work fresh?
  • How do we help our people get their best results when they are all unique?

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In the Show…

Nicola’s back in Shoreham for a few months, her gadgets are playing up and she’s been surprised by how early it gets light in England. Both have thrown off her early morning routine today. Judith’s had a haircut, four days off for Easter, Sunday lunch with her family (who are getting chickens) and she’s back writing again on

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Nicola’s been re-doing her webinar slides and is happy to discover in so doing that her program has become clearer during the early stages of its life. Judith’s been having philosophical discussions with her brother and with a client about how to get the best results out of our people, whether they be a sports team or a coaching client.

  • Client Challenge of the Week

If you could fix your client in one session, would you want to? Or is the endless search for the best way to get results out of your people in their performance an intriguing one for a coach/business owner? Why do some clients/teams get better results than others? How important is accountability and motivation? Who thrives on that and who finds them a turnoff?

Judith explains how her brother told her about banking models and how they are utterly predictable. But how life is very different with the London rugby club of which he is Chairman, and how disappointing it is at the end of a long season when the end results are less than you want and what business challenges that can throw up. This theme occurred again when a client explained to Judith her feelings when one of her own clients got to the end of a series of sessions and both parties were somewhat deflated that more progress had not been made.

Judith thinks it is the challenge for her brother, for her client and herself which keeps them all interested in the work they do, helping clients and team players to get results, and that anything else might be boring. Results between individual clients can never be compared, unlike sports tables which do compare one team to another. How and why do some people get better results than others? And how can we help those we care about improve their performance and outcomes?

Nicola reminds us about two books  – Traction and Get A Grip – and tells the listeners also about Great Boss Dead Boss which is about how people work in tribes.

  • Words of the Week

Judith chooses Variety and Nicola brings Flexibility.

  • Project Updates – all about Own It!

The podcast is still at #77 out of the Top 100 on iTunes. Nicola could be downcast by this but Judith thinks this little jump after all this time is impressive and significant. Own It! the Podcast is in the middle plateau section of its development, just like any business, and that’s the time to dig in for desired results.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Judith is impressed by personal service at the garage doing her MoT, and Nicola by Easyjet customer service keeping passengers both refreshed during and informed about the delay in their departure from Kalamata airport on their return journey to the UK on Easter Saturday.

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