Today’s challenge comes from a potter, making beautiful pottery in a remote part of the UK (via her marketing consultant). Could Nicola and Judith recommend ways to increase her client’s footfall, improve her online pottery marketing and restore her belief in her own business model?

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In The Show…

Judith tells the story of the two potential new clients who got away, both involving business plans in one way or another. Nicola’s been supporting Phoebe in her first personal branding video, and travelling from Shoreham to Sunderland to stay with regular listener and client Irene.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Judith’s been invited to help brainstorm a client’s strapline, guest blog on a website who appear to have adopted her on as their Small Business Oracle, been in receipt of a heart-warming email about something she said in last week’s episode of the podcast, and been on the receiving end of some fun feedback from a relatively new client using bold language after her own heart: “bloody brilliant, bloomin’ corker!”

Nicola’s fire has been fuelled, as so often, by Gary Vee; specifically his thought that it isn’t about the numbers per se because it only takes one person and your whole world can change in a second. She tells a story which illustrates this, about her daughter being invited to a fashion party in London for influencers.

  • Client Challenge of the Week

This week’s challenge was sent in by a listener who is herself a marketing expert. She wanted to see if Nicola and Judith could see any tricks her client – a potter – is missing in regard to her business model, her online and physical shops, and her digital marketing activity.  The girls get into it with relish. If you have similar challenges, please feel free to send them in. Listening to this one you will hear that they can be anonymised so you do not need to feel exposed unless you want to be.

  • Words of the Week

Nicola chooses Passion and Judith brings Vibe.

  • Project Updates all about the Podcast

Judith asks Nicola only to tell her about anything exceptional as the week-by-week reports are getting rather samey. Nicola talks about passive listening and how intelligent home hubs and cars with inbuilt podcast apps are going to contribute to the ever-increasing audience for ad-free radio (podcasts). This is another Gary Vee viewpoint and Nicola reminds Judith it only takes one and the whole prospect for the podcast could change instantly, not in the least that Judith is disheartened.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Judith is impressed by the uncharacteristically kind and loving and supportive chef on Masterchef this week, Paul Ainsworth, who chose to get his results with the finalists using genuine appreciation and encouragement. As Judith says, this is her kind of coaching, not the more usual fiery bullying for which many chefs are known, including Ainsworth’s own mentors. Nicola had also noticed the same thing. [Judith later discovers EVERYONE watching Masterchef this week noticed!! ROFL]

Nicola is staying in Sunderland with Irene and before this week’s recording they had been on a beach walk where they’d met Paul, a former London photographer, who spends 8 hours a day collecting sea glass and making jewellery and driftwood art on his patio made of white seaglass. Nicola found his passion illuminating which prompted her choice of word of the week. He also has an Etsy shop where he sells all over the world, one of her tips for our potter in challenge of the week. The International Seaglass Society is Paul’s free to join group on Facebook. 

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