Business advisers advocate absolute clarity about finding your customer avatar. Nicola’s been thinking about all the different sorts of people she can help and wondering about who best to aim her business at. J&N discuss this as today’s Challenge of the Week.

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In the Show…

Both Judith and Nicola were without internet last week, though not at the same time. That’s meant a delay in recording this week’s show until Monday 22nd May, and after all these 130+ episodes, they are changing their recording day from Wednesday to Thursday to allow Nicola to go to fortnightly creative writing classes. This means recording two shows this week.

Confusion abounds about writing class which is every two weeks, ditto cribbage classes but they work to a different schedule again though still every other week, and Judith tries to explain her routine for the two Wednesdays each month schedule in one of her coaching groups, unsuccessfully as it turns out.

Nicola’s unexpectedly gone back to Greece after she realised that it takes just as long and costs the same to travel across England. She was recognised on the “school bus” from Kalamata airport back to Stoupa and fell right back in with routine immediately, despite the internet being off and a man with spare parts being required to go up the pole to fix it.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Nicola is exploring the possibilities presented by the luxury of plenty of free time, and getting used to living alone. She’s out and about meeting people instead, and has been recognised from her vzine despite being in some serious diguise involving a floppy hat, sunglasses and kaftan!

Similarly Judith’s enjoyed getting out of the house and meeting lovely old family friends at her brother’s 60th birthday party.

Without internet, our two hosts have been obliged to consider life as it is lived in different ways by people who are not addicted to and reliant upon tech.

  • Client Challenge of the Week

Nicola’s noticed that the best results she thinks she’s ever helped clients to achieve was with what she calls specialist consultants. But how to find them, given that so many people call themselves a consultant on Linkedin? And is that her best niche, her customer avatar, or should she take her skills to corporates who do not yet have an online marketing department?

  • Words of the Week

Nicola chooses Fictive and Judith picks Offline.

  • Project Updates

Due to all the offline down time, Nicola passes on this section today. More news next week, assuming there is anything significant to report.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Judith tells Nicola about her May Lucky Winner, a lady who took her redundancy money and has bought a home also in Greece, in Corfu. She hopes to work freelance for six months each year in the UK to pay for six months in Corfu. She was a fast-mover who took only seven days to find and buy the house of her dreams and adventures.

Nicola is impressed by inventors, specifically someone who’s invented the wipers that keep dust off solar panels in India where solar energy is bringing electricity to 1.5m people.

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