If you were starting out in business right now in 2017 and marketing from scratch, what would you do? That’s today’s Client Challenge of the Week.

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Nicola has discovered the life-changing qualities of antihistamine, and Judith’s bank holiday weekend was made all the more splendid in the sunshine by three days of free brass band music.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Nicola’s been out for coffee in Stoupa with the daughter-in-law, Kate, of a new friend Stephanie. Kate’s visiting from England and her mother-in-law knew that Nicola was just the person she needed to meet when it comes to helping her to create her own digital empire from her existing expertise.

Judith’s still excited by the possibilities of writing longer opinion pieces in her head and in her sleep and wondering about speech recognition software, anxious as she is not to spend more time sitting at her desk. She wants to find a way to communicate and move more people with her words, a way which suits her current lifestyle choices of less office time.

Nicola recommends:




  • Client Challenge of the Week

If you had a course or an app and/or were starting in mid-2017 to market your business from scratch, what would you do? Nicola has had two clients this week in that situation, including the aforementioned Kate. She recommends a 12 month plan,so you can avoid overwhelm from feeling that you have to do it all, right now,  looking at what you are good at, to create and leverage content, starting now with quick wins and low-hanging fruit, list-building and choosing your main social media platform.

Judith doesn’t know. She would need to take a deep breath and consult with her client as Nicola had done. She was certain she would not be recommending what she’d done historically, though it has worked fabulously well, as everything changes all the time and small business owners need to look forward, not back. If she were answering this question for herself, Judith wonders if she would be tempted by a combination of Facebook and Mailchimp, and instead of all the money she’s spent on websites, using that budget on FB Ads instead. This would very much depend on the nature of the business.

  • Words of the Week

Nicola picks Clarity (fog comes and goes) and Judith chooses Rest after her newsletter on that topic was so well received. She presses home the point that time doesn’t have to be filled and we might all consider why we are so dementedly busy.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Nicola has found a new novelist she likes in Kate Atkinson, and Judith is inspired by the fabulous quality and variety of writing on the Guardian Online app.

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