Are you an entrepreneur running multiple businesses? We sure hope not! Both Judith and Nicola have attempted to do this themselves in the past, and both of them have clients who are attempting to do it now. They debate the pros and cons and dispense their advice to focus on one, at least initially, to the exclusion of all else. But only if you want it to be successful and profitable, natch!

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In the Show…

Nicola has returned from sunny Stoupa to spend some time in rainy Cardiff with a client (who’s running multiple businesses). She describes her hotel experience, being upsold to breakfast and a bottle of water, and her difficulties in finding a plug adjacent to a mirror so that she could see to blow-dry her hair, a perennial hotel problem it would seem.

Judith’s had a leisurely few days in the sun, BBQing, a friend visiting for the day and no SBBM calls last week. She’s having a life, and Nicola’s getting pretty good at that too, lying on the beach with a novel most afternoons…in Greece, not in Wales.

What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Judith’s enjoyed a diary full of new clients, one lady between jobs who’d lost her way for a while, and yesterday two men (!) both successful businessmen who surprised her in different ways; one living overseas deciding to return to the UK for tax reasons, and one who turned out to be very woo woo and resonated with the gratitude, manifestation talk and Law of Attraction principles which Judith practises alongside her also very pragmatic advice to clients and mentees.

Nicola’s been paid by a colleague to help with some competitive affiliate marketing and she’s enjoying a very respectable place on the Top 20 leader board, and thus in with the chance of a prize too on top of her fee. You can tell she’s really happy to be holding her own against what she calls The Big Boys of the affiliate marketing world.

  • Client Challenge of the Week

Are you an entrepreneur running multiple businesses? Well, stop it immediately and find some focus, that’s J&N’s advice. They’ve both tried it both ways – one business/one focus and multiple businesses/split focus, and they know which way works best. They discuss how to help a client pick and stick with just one until it is successful, and what to do with the other opportunities in the meantime. Sell, park, outsource, or get managed? Any business you’ve started and grown to a certain predictable or recurring revenue must be regarded as an asset to be looked after, managed or sold, so don’t just give it away or shut it down before you’ve investigated that opportunity too.

  • Words of the Week

Nicola chooses Perspective and Judith goes for Mojo, thanks to her Monday client who’d lost hers.

  • Project Updates

Own It! the Podcast has risen one place in the iTunes Top 100 charts, to #76. Slow but steady. And Nicola reports that last week was very good for download numbers, including three days with 100+ on each day. Perhaps the two facts are not un-related but with iTunes it remains impossible to tell.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Nicola’s enjoyed Planet of the Apps where Gary Vee’s team won the first funding. And Judith picks two, a fun one and a serious one.

The fun one is Tokio Myers, the classical pianist who won BGT, and her serious one is Dr Malcolm Tunnicliff, Clinical director and Consultant in Emergency Medicine at King’s College Hospital in London, who tells the casualties who come into his care “You are safe. We’re going to look after you. You’re going to be fine.”

Surely this is the guy we’d all need and want at our bedside should we ever find ourselves in those awful circumstances, together with his hospital colleagues across the nation who are not drinking in their leisure time so that they can be called in during emergencies in these times of terror attacks we are experiencing this summer in the UK. Angels, one and all.

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