Nicola’s in Brisbane with Neil Asher for his Aussie Entrepreneurs conference this weekend and Neil suggests our topic of the week: Fear of Failure. Nicola is still quite lagged from the long flight and neither Judith or Nicola fear failure anymore so it is quite an uphill struggle to find plenty to debate. Consequently N&J record their shortest podcast yet!

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In the Show…

Nicola was allowed, after all, to take her laptop with her in the plane to Brisbane. She describes the sheer hell of the last 13-hour leg of the journey. She’s lagged. On the theme of sleeplessness, Judith’s been up late twice in the last week; once for the General Election results, a thrilling all-nighter, and once for her niece’s 30th birthday party.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Nicola’s fire has been fuelled by creating her presentation for the conference, about being everywhere online in just 2 hours a week. She’s really looking forward to speaking and it has reminded her how much she loves that, and now she realises she’s ready to do more again.

For the second week running, Judith’s online diary availability has been 50% taken up by potential new clients. She’s wondering what this upsurge indicates, if anything. They are all from different sources including one from the podcast, a listener who describes herself from Down Under, quite the theme of the day.

  • Client Challenge of the Week- Fear of Failure

What are the implications of fear of failure? Neil Asher tells Nicola it makes his clients indecisive about their choice of physical product to sell via Amazon, and ultimately it can result in “better the devil you know”, namely that it is safer to stay where you are, with the pain you know, than to risk failure.

Judith and Nicola attempt a brainstorm of some ideas which might help sufferers of fear of failure. Judith is of the opinion that finding an ounce of courage every day is the solution, feeling the fear and doing it anyway. The only way through it is to do it. She encourages her clients to do it this way and regularly sees their delight at positive results and gremlins vanquished. They kinda always know it’s going to be alright, but they are not certain until they’ve done the thing they fear, which coincidentally is often public speaking.

  • Words of the Week

Nicola chooses Bravery, one of her own aims being to inspire her kids with such things as her trip to Oz to speak on stage. Judith picks Niggardly and advises all-comers not to p*** on her Facebook parade as you will not be Liked or acknowledged, you may even be unfriended! She warns: “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”.

  • Project Updates

Nicola re-affirms that Own It! is up one place in the Top 100 to #76.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Judith is impressed by her client Joanna Urwin of who was first to spot the new functionality on Facebook today, that of being able to put a video in the banner of your FB Page, and had one up there in that precise spot before Judith was out of bed this morning. Wow for the fast action-taking!

Prompted by that, Susan Weeks of lets Judith know that Facebook are about to roll out Audio alongside Video which holds out the promise of Facebook Radio and cut-down versions of the podcast being available on that platform too perhaps. Who knows?

Exciting times for audio and video FB lovers. Both Susan and Joanna are members of Judith’s Small Business Big Magic group, who Judith thanks for inspiration today and so often too.

Nicola recalls the excellent customer service only a week ago at the Radisson Blu in Cardiff, the man who helped her to her table in the dining room so she didn’t have to wait more than a minute, and the other guy who replaced her duvet for a lighter one and helped her to find the plug for her hairdryer which was adjacent to a mirror, her only two complaints about the hotel in last week’s show all sorted in a trice. Just goes to show that all you have to do is ask politely and expectantly of a solution. Judith observes they must have some excellent staff training in that hospital as all of Nicola’s interactions with the staff were impressive, and wonders if it is Radisson Blu- wide? Wouldn’t that be wonderful!

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