143 | Trust in Business

Do you trust yourself in business, in life, with money? Nicola’s guest for the first of five August shows during Judith’s holiday is Georgina Noel, and she brings today’s intriguing challenge to the podcast, all about trust.

You can see Georgina’s Facebook Page here:  Facebook.com/GNoelEFT

And her website here: GeorginaNoel.com

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In the Show…

It’s super hot in Greece. Nicola’s been on a mega night out with music and lots of very affordable local wine, and to Write Club where she missed a submission deadline for the short story competition, despite having her piece critiqued and having made the changes. Georgina is just back from New York where she caught herself in what she describes as a “tasty piece of self-sabotage”.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Georgina is having her websiste re-branded. Her old website is pink and clean and somewhat focused on weight loss. Her new website will feature a bull’s skull and she describes the new brand as delicious, opulent and magical.

Nicola’s taken on a huge amount of work in creating a live recurring monthly summit using the Own It! the Summit recordings from 2016 and this involved her in a very complex process of Lead Pages, Everwebinar, Vimeo and Infusionsoft. Happily she knows that now that she’s familiar with the process, she will be able to outsource the making of the changes each time she re-runs it.

  • Client Challenge of the Week – Trust in Business

The podcast summer guests are always invited to bring each week’s challenge, and Georgina chooses trust. Trusting yourself to make money, to make good decisions, not handing off responsibilities to others because you have insufficient trust in yourself. There’s talk of fear of failure which G explains is a lack of trust in oneself to overcome obstacles (they keep coming, however successful you become!), trust in peers and colleagues, trust that it’s OK to say “I don’t understand”, that it is OK too to be vulnerable.

Nicola talks about her upbringing where she learned she couldn’t trust very much or very many, and how that’s impacted her adult life. She doesn’t trust many people outside her own family and was particular to talk about agreements for – and not rushing into – partnerships and joint ventures. She also doesn’t trust that money will just come without taking action, something on which she and Georgina are both agreed.

Do you trust yourself in business? Do you trust yourself to deliver your work and make good on your word?

  • Words of the Week

Georgina chooses Enjoyment and Nicola picks Clicks & Leads Academy which is what she has decided to re-name her Inner Circle membership club.

  • Project Updates

Georgina is launching her Money Mindset Mastery 4-week intensive program for a smallish group of up to 10 she’s excited to deliver. And Nicola’s added in some key phrases to the title of Own It! and emphasises the importance of the title of your podcast.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Georgina loves the book Thank & Grow Rich by Pam Grout and Nicola is impressed by Tom from Bean Ninjas.

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  1. Loved this week’s podcast, Nicola and Georgina – what a hoot – you both cracked me up! In fact, I had to go back and clarify some of the content as I missed it the first time around through laughing so much!

    Couple of ‘resource’ requests please:

    Georgina, could you kindly provide the name of your branding expert for future reference? And Nicola, you mentioned about hiring a tech/ design team for $245 a month. Is it possible to link to this resource please?

    Looking forward to viewing your new website, Georgina!

    Warmest, Jan

    • Dear Jan

      Thanks for this. The branding expert is in the FBGroup, I’ll tag you there in case you haven’t found it already.
      And I’ll ask Nicola in the same group to answer the other question.
      Glad you enjoyed it!


  2. Incredibly knowledgable, loved Georgina’s story and how our mindset makes such an impact on our worth and earning potential!

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