144 | Making A Life Too

Do you have a life too, or do you just work, work, work, delaying having what you want until after you’ve achieved success? Nicola’s guest for the second of five August shows during Judith’s holiday is Jo Dodds, and she brings today’s interesting challenge to the podcast, all about making a life too but now, not later.

Find out everything you need to know about Jo Dodds here: PowerToLiveMore.com

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In the Show…

Jo is a consultant, trainer, speaker and podcaster and this week she’s been on stage speaking at Tom Hua’s event. A man in the front row said he didn’t understand a word of what she said but that she had a nice face which matched her personality! And another man she met in the lift admired her beautiful red shoes and likened her to Theresa May, only on a shoe basis obviously.

Nicola’s been out and about in Stoupa, attending an 80th birthday party held at a venue with a beautiful sea view, and loving doing some FB Ads for a world-class DJ with a global audience. She’s amazed at how inexpensively he’s adding Likes to his Facebook page every day.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Jo’s been hosting singers from visiting choral group The Spooky Men.  And Nicola’s been tweaking the interior of her membership club opening up a private coaching area where members can discuss sensitive issues. She’s also decided to switch to annual membership only as a way of encouraging commitment from her members.

  • Client Challenge of the Week

Something that both Jo and Nicola have in common is recent bereavements and they agree that nothing focuses the mind like death when it comes to resolving to enjoy every moment of every day now, and living in the present. Three deaths in the family prompted Jo to change her life and to stop delaying gratification until Some Day. This gives her more time to sing in two choral societies, play the piano, and practise mindfulness and enjoy her daughter, Little Dodsy, and family life.

Nicola feels lucky that moving to Greece helped her to achieve the same thing, being able to look at beauty and enjoy sunshine most days from March to November, time to pursue hobbies and a local social life both contributing to her life beyond the laptop.

They both agree too that happiness and gratitude and feeling lucky and allowing these to raise your vibration lead more easily to success, when so many make the mistake of expecting it to happen the other way around.

Are you making a life too, or working yourself into an early grave when there are no promises of happiness later. Grab it now is the theme of today’s show.

Dan Norris’s article on Medium: 8 Happiness Lessons Learnt in My 20s and 30s

Plus, Phoebe’s going to Boomtown.

  • Words of the Week

Jo chooses Sharing and talks about it being one of her five fundamentals, sharing with her business partner, sharing a drink with a friend, sharing this podcast with Nicola and sharing Judith’s summer book club – Not The Booker Shortlist 2017.

Nicola’s word is Commitment to her members in opening up the new private area, and how she’s connected that generosity of spirit to attracting three new clients.

  • Project Updates

Jo’s working up to creating a sale page for her upcoming Mastermind Group which starts in September, and Nicola’s tweaked the SEO in Own It! the Podcast’s titles. She’s disappointed the show has slipped out of the What’s Hot charts due to the new iTunes algorithm and makes another appeal for reviews which are the life force energy for podcast on that platform.

Nicola shares that Own It! has been approached by a sponsorship company and that the podcast may be able to offer special deals to listeners.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Jo and her business pal met a young lady in her twenties behind the bar in a seafront restaurant in Hythe where she lives. She was flirty, chatty, open and honest which caused her to share with a couple of complete strangers who both really enjoyed her and helped her too.

Nicola’s impressed by this film from Laura Roeder from Meet Edgar.

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  1. Terrific podcast, Nicola and Jo – bursting with wit and wisdom as always!

    Re: WP plugins: you mentioned Thrive Themes (Landing Page/ Content Builder). I used to use Thrive for my WordPress sites, but have recently tried a combination of Elementor (plugin) with the Generate Press theme – a combination that’s made in WP heaven as far as I’m concerned. Definitely worth considering, “Own It!” listeners.

    Happy to post another iTunes review over the weekend, as was Mrs May, I understand, only she seems a tad miffed by something, methinks …

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