How do you make money from arts marketplace marketing? Nicola’s guest for the fourth of five shows during Judith’s August holiday is digital nomad Lisa Warner, and she brings today’s testing client challenge to the podcast, all about how to make a success out of an arts marketing website.

Find out more about Lisa’s own video project A Life Full of Meaning at YouTube and about her business Fink Cards.

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In the Show…

This week Lisa has been celebrating and remembering her father-in-law at his funeral on Tuesday. He was a vibrant, happy and wonderful man. She explains that she feels incredibly fortunate to have the sort of life where taking a few months off at the end of his life to be with him was easily possible for both her and her husband, Glenn.

Nicola’s had a frightening week with the prospect of a wild boar terrorising her on her walks home from the village in the dark. And she’s excited that her children are coming for a visit.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Lisa was amazed to describe herself as having found what she would consider the perfect job, something so perfect she says she would even consider doing it for nothing! It’s just a three minute walk from where their boat is moored in Northampton and it’s being a talent co-ordinator for a media agency, looking after their You Tube talent which is right up her street, in every sense.

Nicola’s been looking into her vzine promotion figures and has calculated that for a £15 ad spend a week she can create 90-100 engaged video watchers who watch between 50% and 95% of the duration of her videos.

  • Client Challenge of the Week

Lisa is trying to help her friend Wendy who has created, an arts marketplace website. She asks Nicola’s advice for how to make the whole thing work better from a marketing perspective and Nicola prescribes more artists, more arty influencers added to the site for free, and reconsidering the business model from a commission to a fee. The site needs lots of traffic very quickly and its own YouTube channel too, plus plenty of social media marketing, switching the currency to dollars from pounds and if she’s is running out of time, energy, money and all resources, how about either selling it, or contracting with a marketing partner who will pay her a 10% royalty on sales in perpetuity? Ideas abound.

  • Words of the Week

Lisa picks Deliberation and Nicola chooses Reality.

  • Project Updates

Given the family bereavement, Lisa’s projects have all been on the back burner.

Nicola updates listeners on the podcast’s progress in that July’s download figures had been matched already by 24th August, which is great news. She also asks for more reviews especially from Canada who haven’t yet provided one, and for listeners in the US to update the ones they left in 2015 but not since. Each week in these shownotes there’s a video which shows you how to leave a review on iTunes. Scroll down to see that. It’s only two minutes long.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Lisa is impressed by the Piping Hot Piper from Peterborough who played at the funeral but went above and beyond when it came to playing and talking to everyone. He’s a professional bagpiper. Sadly we couldn’t find either a website or a YouTube clip of him playing to share with you, our listeners, so his word of mouth referrals must be awesome!

Nicola is impressed by the Thrive plug-in which creates quizzes for a one-off fee of $67, She found it easy and intuitive to use, and she says that Thrive always do everything well and that you don’t need to use their WP theme in order to use this plug-in.

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