Judith’s back from her holidays with a bang and today’s Client Challenge of the Week is The Renewal Cycle, inspired by Chris Barrow’s July Newsletter which N&J discussed briefly before Judith’s August “off”.  Are you quester who is always on and only happy when you are challenging yourself with your next achievement and kaizen continuous improvement, an alpha personality type? Or are you more laid back and content to think of your life perhaps in seasons; a time to plant, a time to grow, a time to gather in your harvest and a time to allow your field to lie fallow, to rest?

Turn! Turn! Turn! by The Byrds

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In the Show…

Nicola’s got her children with her this week, indeed their cereal eating noises in the background threaten to finish Judith off! While they are having lovely family times together swimming and eating and hanging out and watching Game of Thrones, there have been precisely the sort of issues you would also expect, about which more later.

Judith’s done too much in her five weeks away to fill Nicola in with all of it but she’s enjoyed a lovely August and picks up highlights of sunshine, al fresco parties, lots of lovely kindle books, a visit from podcast summer co-host Jo Dodds, a reading with psychic Isobel Gatherer and some beautiful new memes made for her by Tara Roskell.

What I Did on My Summer Holidays by Judith Morgan aged sixty two and a half

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Nicola sat on the sunbed and created a 12-week checklist and she’s recording a webinar on 16th September (quick!) all in connection with creating something of value to replace her Fast Start Masterclass which she feels has become rather dated now, and in the context broadly (and beyond) of her new emphasis on Be Everywhere Online.

Find out more and join Nicola’s Masterclass

Judith’s spent a goodly chunk of her August off learning lots more about Facebook Pages and marketing using hers, intent eventually to make it her central online hub and to do away with her website altogether. She’s also thrilled to start the new term with three new clients in her Club 100.

  • Client Challenge of the Week

The Renewal Cycle – what is it, where are you on it and does it speak to you?  Would it be useful for you in your business to have a sense of a cycle? Are you a quester, do you work better in seasons? Or would being on any kind of cycle just feel like another form of treadmill or even a hamster wheel to you? The jury’s out for Nicola and Judith, and there’s much thought provocation from Chris Barrow, as ever. Check out his July newsletter for a download and further explanation about The Renewal Cycle which came originally from the book called LifeLaunch – a passionate guide to the rest of your life by Frederic Hudson and Pamela D. MacLean

  • Words of the Week

Not surprisingly, Nicola chooses Communication and explains why (the family stuff) and Judith picks Book(s) because her August has all been about writing hers and reading so many more delicious novels.

  • Project Updates

Nicola lets the listeners know that the podcast is showing a strong upward trend (hooray!) and Judith’s up to 54,000 words for her book, and talks photo shoots, design, print and covers. Also her companion group on Facebook called Ask Judith, free to join and open to all comers.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Nicola is impressed by the efficiency of her client Kate who has the central role in the Be Everywhere Online 12-week challenge. Even with two kids, she’s still able to respond quickly to Nicola’s requests for urgent pieces of content.

And Judith is impressed by sometime client and podcast listener Vannessa Vinos of Luxuria-Jewellery.com who made a special ring for her during the summer as a gift, and it was a bespoke order from a supplier in New York no less!

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