Today in their 150th show, broadcast on Nicola’s 56th birthday, the topic of Client Challenge of the Week returns to what to do when you don’t get paid by your clients. Nicola and Judith discuss how it can make you feel and what to do about it, including ditching those bad feelings of dread and lack.

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In the Show…

There is much excitement in Stoupa where this week they are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the author of Zorba the Greek, Nikos Kazantzakis, coming to live in Stoupa on Kalogria Beach where there is much excitement this week with a three village dance-off! Read more about this story here.

And Judith is having an anniversary of her own. It is a year since she moved over to a low-carb lifestyle, breaking her lifelong addiction to carbs to beneficial effect including (but not limited to) five stone lost forever.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Judith’s week has been cheered by a returning PWYW client she’s known for 13 years, and by a statistic from Forbes which says that 79 million people will open their own home-based businesses in the next 5 years, a great thing for both her and Nicola.

Nicola’s been podcasting and given a 5-minute interview to Tom Poland of Leadsology. His podcast is called Bommb and here’s a link to the show.  Nicola announces her intention to be on many more podcasts, so if you want her on yours all you have to do is ask. She says she’s always good for a soundbite!

  • Client Challenge of the Week

The podcast returns to the perpetual challenge of getting your bills paid on time and what to do when you don’t get paid. This is precisely why Judith sold her accounting business in 1997 because the clients didn’t pay on time and she tired of it.  Poor payment from the client side can denote either a badly run business or wobbly cashflow or both, and it definitely denotes a lack of values in as far as you’ve done your part of the contract, the work, now you deserve to be paid for it reliably and on time too. But, as Nicola often reminds the listeners, this always happens in the absence of a good conversation with your client/payer, and no-one likes to do that so we swerve it, stacking up problems for ourselves further down the line. Make sure your client knows your terms from the get-go and that you will be enforcing them rigidly.  One more tip: take the emotion out of it. This is business.

  • Words of the Week

Judith chooses Trust and Nicola picks Evoke/Evocation.

  • Project Updates

Nicola updates the listeners about the podcast download numbers and about how her client Kate is getting on in week 3 of the 12-week online challenge, seeing results like a good ‘un and continuing to push through her discomfort with visibility with particular regard to her media peers. Judith’s frustrated that her backache/sciatica reduces the time available to sit in her office chair so it’s slowing down progress on the edit of her book which she feels cannot be done standing up or lying down. There’s a remedy on the way – a pilates ball to sit on and a contraption which means she can, if she wants, stand up to work too, not both at the same time obviously!

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Judith is impressed by the rate of clean-up and the indomitable spirit of her friends on Saint Martin/Sint Maarten after Hurricane Irma and their very ambitious plan to run the Heineken Regatta in the first week of March 2018, given that the storm took out everything including the leaves on the palm trees so that the island is scrubby and brown. Other casualties and losses seem almost insurmountable, but progress so far and their will to re-build is nothing short of amazing.

Nicola’s loving Write Club and this week learned more about Show Don’t Tell and adverbs and met a Professor of Southern Literature and discovered how moonshine came into being. She’s daunted about writing fiction but has a sci-fi story in mind and has been obliged to commit to returning to the next club meeting with something to share.

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