151 | Feedback: The Breakfast of Champions

This week’s show is about how to receive and handle unsolicited feedback, especially when it feels like unwarranted criticism. To what extent are you happy to “hang your arse out in public” as Chris Barrow taught both Nicola and Judith? Does feedback make you feel tetchy? How do you manage your emotions when people offer advice which even you can accept may be in your best interests (when they are not doing it themselves!)? Is feedback your breakfast of champions?

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In the Show…

Judith’s back pain continues into its third week and she talks about working with her 1-2-1 clients lying down without wanting to let her energy drop. And how she’s gaining stamina for standing up to work at her desk. Her chiropractor client says causes are likely to be a combination of stress and sedentarism (sitting down too much!). Today she’s on strong painkillers for the show and, more particularly, for the show notes.

Nicola and Sarah have enjoyed a party week with the Greek Dancing event last Friday night and Pat & Mike’s wedding on Sunday, a couple of late nights leading to two lazy days but for the best possible reasons.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Just as Nicola said last week, this week it’s Judith’s turn to have a potential client turn up in her diary exclusively via the podcast, and another via a Google search (SEO working again).  Nicola’s really excited about early results from sister Sarah having uploaded the podcast shows to YouTube where they are finding a whole new audience and living again.

  • Client Challenge of the Week

Nicola’s been on the receiving end of some feedback from a trusted source, but she found it made her a bit tetchy. She confesses it has value and that it is an opportunity for her to learn to manage her emotions around feedback. How do you feel about feedback, the so-called breakfast of champions? Judith doesn’t like it or want it and there’s a woman at Nicola’s book club who doesn’t either. This leads to a debate about feedback versus criticism, perfectionism versus getting it done, and professionalism around lack of attention to detail and the different editorial choices we all make when it comes to self-censorship. Do you trust your own judgement and how far will you go when it comes to “hanging your arse out in public?”

  • Words of the Week

Judith chooses Pain which is robbing her of some of her customary joie de vivre, and Nicola chooses Audio, still pumped about the podcast now being on YouTube.

  • Project Updates

Judith’s sad that her inability to sit at her desk without pain is slowing down her progress with the book but is content, for now, to trust in the incomprehensible perfection of life itself. She updates Nicola about covers, proofing and a letter from a publisher, which offer she has set aside. She is, however, taking it as a good omen for the right offer to come into her reality.

Nicola’s got to work on her sci-fi epic using the Snowflake Method created by Randy Ingermanson. She talks about fractal theory, causing Judith to sigh with desire.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Judith is impressed (again) by Vannessa Vinos of Luxuria-Jewellery.com who has helped her in her desire to make an AB crystal necklace which matches the gift of a ring which Vannessa made to her recently. She’s done all the research and is bringing the beads in from New York. She’s been so kind and generous with her time and expertise. And also with Marzi who is doing the makeup for her photo shoot and has taken that idea of Judith’s and added it to a new string to her bow in her business.

After Katrina who made the wedding venue look so beautiful, and Sarah who uploaded all the podcast audios to YouTube, Nicola is impressed by the dynamic duo of sister Heather and daughter Phoebe who have co-created a video story of a new album by one of the former band members from Jethro Tull, which prompting a nostalgic singalong from Judith.

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  1. Believe it or not I’m a huge fan of Jethro Tull. Classic and Prog Rock in general, but definitely Tull. Seen them a few times in concert back in 1999. Perhaps I was born in the wrong era!

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