After last week’s show where the future of the podcast was looking uncertain, today Nicola and Judith discuss their plan for marketing this show and increasing listener numbers a.k.a. downloads, their preferred new metric.

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In the Show…

Judith’s hit 1,000 organic Likes on her Facebook Page and she’s got a newer lighter iPad with which she’s thoroughly delighted. Nicola booked her flights for three weeks at home in the UK for Christmas and the New Year and then discovered that where she was intending to stay might not be available to her. Oops!

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Judith’s received a comment from a client which has helped her to understand her own value from a different perspective. Nicola’s client Kate Cocker has had a busy three weeks with another project but her leads have carried on coming in from her Be Everywhere Online strategy.

  • Focus of the Week – Marketing This Podcast

Nicola and Judith had a meeting after last week’s show where the future of Own It! The Podcast looked uncertain. They have brainstormed a series of marketing initiatives which they describe to the listeners in the new focus section of the show. They’ve opened a Facebook Group called Supporters and Sharers to make it easy for listeners who love the show to help it surge forward by sharing the content easily online.

New Facebook Supporters and Sharers Group


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They’ve decided to stop fretting about reviews at iTunes and position in the What’s Hot charts and focus instead on download numbers at Libsyn (listener numbers). Judith is polling listeners to discover their favourite ways for doing that and she’s going to experiment with Lumen5 videos instead of Facebook Notes until the end of the year and compare reach and engagement on Facebook Insights to see which works best for spreading the word about the podcast. They have added their podcast to a couple of additional new categories at iTunes, just in case they are a better fit.

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  • Words of the Week

Judith chooses Snowflake and Nicola chooses Collaboration.

  • Project Updates

Not much to report this week from Judith about her book although she’s doing lots of pre-publication promotion, about which Nicola is both encouraging and complimentary.  Nicola’s Write Club is intent upon their own British writers’ podcast and Judith tells her about Ex Libris the game, and its sister podcast recorded in Blackwells Bookshop, Oxford. Nicola’s got up a Facebook Page for her Torus Trilogy.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Judith is impressed by where she bought 28 social media images of her own book cover in various formats and layouts for just $12.95 and Nicola is impressed by for similar reasons of outstanding value at just $49 for lifetime access.

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