The Focus of today’s show is bespoke -v- compromise. How much are you prepared to bend to your clients with bespoke offerings, or do you oblige them to do all the bending? If a compromise is involved, how does that suit you and your business?

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In the Show…

Judith’s been without internet for three days with resultant frustrations slowing down her output this week and her ability to be with clients on Skype. Nicola describes the ups and downs of getting going with her new Write Club podcast, editing and artwork. They’ve recently interviewed a writer of erotica which prompts Judith to tell Nicola about the Bad Sex awards.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Judith’s noticing a few more things about Facebook, namely how she doesn’t like scheduled content as it takes her away from live interaction which she appreciates would be a blessing for many. And also how more people Like her page than opt-in to receive her email newsletter and that may be advance notice of its death knell in 2018.  Nicola’s chuffed that business is up and also noticing that all new clients have contacted her first via Facebook Messenger rather than email as would have been the case historically.

  • Focus of the Week

One of Nicola’s potential new clients has asked for something which she doesn’t think will work for either party, which prompts a discussion about how bespoke/responsive to clients should a business owner consider being. Given that Judith brought up this last week and here it is again, it is obviously the way clients are in 2017 and likely to increase going forward until they change again. Useful discussion enables both to realise that bespoke is great, compromise is not.

Do offer your clients bespoke or do you ask them to do all the bending? If compromise is involved, how does that suit you and your biz? Click To Tweet

Nicola explains something she’s learned from Dean Jackson which suggests that their newsletters and the podcast are part of the marketing mix even if they do not lead directly to sales. This is a helpful re-frame for both Judith and Nicola.

  • Words of the Week

Judith chooses Complicit and Nicola ROI.

  • Project Updates

Judith had wanted to publish the digital version of her book in November but that isn’t possible now due to having been without internet for three days. Nicola reports that the 10-day downloads for the podcast are up which suggests the new marketing initiatives are working though J&N haven’t corroborated that yet.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Judith is impressed by Matt of and Adazing’s latest video offer of 40+ templates for $30.  And Nicola is very proud of Phoebe’s latest achievements.

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