Today Judith tells the listeners all about self-publishing a Book with Amazon, something which Nicola has done many times before. She wasn’t sure this was the right platform for her but, in the end, it proved the best place to do print on demand.

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In the Show…

Nicola describes her trepidation about her upcoming visit to the UK. And Judith her excitement about launching her first proper book on 1st December by giving away copies to current clients, colleagues, supporters and contributors. And all the tech she managed to do herself using Selz.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Nicola’s worked out she can spend leisure time during the day reading so long as she has some classical music on softly in the background, so it’s not too quiet. She also talks about deciding to start doing daily Facebook Lives in some (not all) weeks, what tech she plans to use for that, and about overhead control choosing not to spend $49 on an upgrade at Zoom having sourced some free software instead.

Judith spent the weekend joining up the tech dots to sell the digital version of her book herself, and to offer email list subscribers a chance to download a chunky sample. Then she turned her attention to finding a way for those who wanted a print copy to be able to print on demand, and that’s when her problems began!

  • FOCUS of the Week – Self-publishing a Book with Amazon

Judith discovered that she had to increase the price of her book on Amazon by more than 50% in order to make less than half what she does by selling direct. She felt some resistance to using Amazon for all sorts of reasons, not least that she still has to do all the marketing herself, knowing that being on Amazon alone is no guarantee of sales. Why then would anyone self-publish a book with Amazon? The answer is mainly for the reach, and for the ease of download/ delivery for customers all over the world. Judith never reads a real book and is somewhat regretful that she made a promise that she would produce this one in that format because she teaches clients to “sell as you buy” and so this goes against her own principles. That’s only part of the longish Amazon story, to be continued next week.

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Nicola reminds the listener that if you want the accolade of being a #1 Bestselling Author on Amazon it is all about an initial sales flurry and lots of reviews. N&J have both studied how to do this and are not comfortable with all of the tricks which leads to Nicola’s choice of her word this week.

  • Words of the Week

Nicola chooses Integrity and Judith Author.

  • Project Updates

The podcast is up to #35 and #40 respectively in the new categories on iTunes and recent download numbers are also up strongly. Judith gives Nicola some stats about her first few days’ digital book sales (20), opt-ins for the sample (12) and joiners to her Ask Judith group on Facebook (4).

Nicola winds up with her Be Everyone Online client Kate Cocker who reports she has trebled her income but not yet sold a course. No sooner does Kate say that than she makes her first online sale! Nicola talks about how much data you need to make an online business plan, and now they know how many people had to see that product before the first sale was achieved so they can make that plan for Kate’s biz.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Judith is impressed by her own online bookshop at and Nicola by teachers making a difference in the world – which she heard about listening to Adam Braun, the pioneer behind it and behind Pencils of Promise which led her to  Real Rap with Reynolds. 

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