Nicola brings the Law of Attraction to today’s call and it turns out to be so rich a topic that this show had to be called Part 1, which surprised both Nicola and Judith. Nicola wasn’t a fan of The Secret initially but spends a lot of time catching her thoughts and working on mindset for herself and with her clients. N&J both like Joe Vitale’s book Zero Limits and now, thanks to Michael Neill’s book Creating the Impossible, Nicola has started daily meditation too which is helping.

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In the Show…

It’s nice and warm in Stoupa and Nicola’s been sharpening up her look by wearing makeup which surprised the ladies at Write Club. Judith was up all night on Sunday watching the Oscars and was sleep-deprived on Monday too but for the very best reasons – most of her faves won!

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Nicola’s organised a dinner party, in part for her friend Steph who was in a near-miss car accident on Saturday and its Steph who normally organises all the local parties and social goings-on. Judith had a second sleepless night, thanks to an entrepreneurial seizure. She’s going to use her coaching skills and life experience to help people do what she’s done and beat the carb addiction. She spent all day Tuesday crafting an offer and put it out to the Big U before bedtime, waking up on Wednesday to her first client.

  • FOCUS of the Week – The Law of Attraction (Part 1)

What’s in the Law of Attraction for people like us? Is it all woo-woo, or is there something to it? Nicola wasn’t a fan initially, but she knows the two men behind the Law of Attraction Facebook Page which has a massive following of 6.5 million people, so she’s been having a second look. She knows why The Secret didn’t speak to her initially but she is interested in mindset and catching her thoughts and Zero Limits by Joe Vitale. Judith and Nicola discuss matters arising and realise its a rich seam, thus Part 1.

The Law of Attraction turns out to be such a rich a topic of conversation that this show had to be called Part 1, which surprised both Nicola and Judith. #ownit Click To Tweet
  • Words of the Week

Judith picks Adventure (in lieu of program) and Nicola chooses Power including electrical power, willpower and all sorts.

  • Project Updates

Nicola and sister Sarah are focusing on the newish Clicks & Leads Done For You service, all SOPs (standard operating procedures) are done and tested and they are taking on their third client. Judith doesn’t have much to report on her book or the Blogfest this week but confesses her focus has been elsewhere, on her new project. Nicola agrees that she gets better results from whatever she puts her attention on or, as Judith likes to call it, One Woman One Website or One Woman One Thing.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Nicola is impressed by Steve Bartlett of Social Chain and his impending move to New York, and Judith by Christi Daniels who remembered (and reminded J of ) an interview they did together in 2015 which Christi offered up this week as the solution to a client’s problem in lieu of her own, which Judith felt was very generous and abundant.

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