Own It! the Podcast enjoys a first today – guest Tom Evans who teaches us How to Own Time. This is the first of a series of guests educating the podcast’s listeners on various topics to do with business and life.

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In the Show…

Judith finally gets her hands on her foreign currency after three attempts, and Stoupa’s enjoyed a Big Wind and a lightning strike which takes out Nicola’s leccy and turns her into a Victorian lady, reading by the light of her candelabra.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Judith is cheered by her newsletter readers’ feedback, helpful hints and comments, and by her three now paying clients in her Fabulous Adventure low-carb lifestyle coaching. Nicola felt inspired to offer a new 30 Day challenge of her Be Everywhere Online and attract 50 participants and counting.

  • FOCUS of the Week – Tom Evans and How to Own Time

Today the Podcast enjoys a historic first in guest Tom Evans who teaches Own It! how to own time. He talks about many things but mostly about how the brain works and how to switch off a busy mind with meditation and find a timeless flow state. 10 minutes of meditation a day and then going straight into your creative work creates an interruption barrier. Do your meditation before the most creative part of your day for optimum time-slowing time-bending. The body has an awareness of time in many different ways – your heartbeat, circadian rhythms and ultimately cell death but slow breathing is the one Tom recommends. Slow down the number of breaths you take per minute and live longer was a promise held out by Tom in a few moments during which he takes the listener from mystics and sages to modern neuroscience.

Today the Podcast enjoys a historic first in guest Tom Evans who teaches Own It! how to own time. #ownit Click To Tweet

TomEvans.co – grab a free minute meditation from Tom on his Home Page

Tom on the Insight Timer

  • Words of the Week

Judith chooses Orthodox and Nicola picks Weather.

  • Project Updates

Judith’s book sales numbers (104) and Blogfest contributors (4), Nicola’s word count for her novel (another 1000) and a massive spike in download numbers during the last week, 1500 in one day alone! Judith’s massive spike in Twitter impressions continues too at 103,000 in the last 28 days. N&J are somewhat bamboozled by the last two but cheered very much by the spike in OI listener numbers. Keep ’em coming!

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Judith is impressed by a tough decision taken by Dec (of Ant & Dec) and by the entertainers putting themselves through hell in the name of Sport Relief, specifically Zoe Ball.

Nicola is very definitely NOT impressed by her affiliate partner who (again) has turned flaky and unreliable in meeting payment terms.

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