Nicola’s running a 30 Day Challenge and asks why do they work and why are they so popular? Judith doesn’t have the answer – she loathes them (mostly).

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In the Show…

It’s been a quiet week in Stoupa, although Nicola is taking bookings from friends and family to visit her in the spring and summer and she’s been out and about with Write Club and to Dave’s Dining Club too. Judith talks about Maundy Thursday and moving house tomorrow which was Good Friday at the time of recording the show. She’s moving from SE England to SW England and that would normally take her past Stonehenge on a Bank Holiday. Yikes – what WAS she thinking?

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Nicola’s all fired up about running her current 30 Day Challenge, not least because so many of the 70 participants are actively engaging with the content delivered in emails, videos and a Facebook group. Judith’s had a lovely piece of feedback which she shares on the podcast and in her newsletter and also a correspondence with a very woo-woo client. Nicola thinks she knows who it is.

  • FOCUS of the Week – 30 Day Challenges
  • Do you think they are a good idea?
  • Who’s up for a challenge?
  • What benefit do they have for the organiser and for the participant?
  • Who loves them, who finds them overwhelming and why?
  • Do they work, if so why?

J&N work out it all comes down to chunking down the learning content into bite-sized daily pieces, and accountability and community (“the gang”). Nicola loves them and Judith takes the opposing view on behalf of the overwhelmed and those who really don’t need life to be any more challenging.

Nicola's running a 30 Day Challenge and asks why do they work and why are they so popular? Judith doesn't have the answer - she loathes them (mostly). Bite-sized learning. Accountability. Community. #ownit Click To Tweet
  • Words of the Week

Judith chooses Consistent and Nicola picks Sunshine.

  • Project Updates

The huge spike in podcast download numbers is explained and Judith’s published 45 out of 52 blogfesters with only two days to go to the deadline; it’s going right to the wire!

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Nicola is impressed by Vishen Lakhiani’s interview with James Schramko, and Vishen’s app which includes a six-phase meditation lasting 15 minutes. Judith is amazed at Nicola taking up meditation in the last couple of months and wouldn’t have put money on that even as recently as January. Judith continues to be impressed with those early adopters of her low-carb adventure, specifically the first one to fall off and get back on the wagon. She wishes she could persuade everyone to give up cereal and toast.

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