If you were starting again in business, what sort would you open now in 2018?

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In the show

Nicola’s back in the UK for an event where she’s speaking at an ICF Conference in London. She’s enjoying being with her family, arriving in time for a late birthday celebration for her daughter. The sun’s out in England and the show is recorded on Bank Holiday Monday due to exceptional circumstances Judith explains involving an old school friend and his wife, a pub quiz, cider, flirting, a big low almost-full moon and an exhausting but exciting sleepless night.

What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Nicola invites Judith to think about the questions she might be asked at the ICF gig about the future of the coaching profession, and Judith is delighted with a perfect review of her book.

Focus of the Week

If you were opening the doors today on a new business, what would it be? Nicola thinks it might be an Amazon FBA business (fulfilled by Amazon). Judith isn’t sure but she would like it to be less sedentary. Before the end of the show, she has a lightbulb moment.

Words of the Week

Judith picks Professionalism and Nicola picks Family.

Project Updates

Own It! has made $7 on Radio Public!

Who or What’s Impressed?

Judith is impressed by Brewdog, specifically Equity for Punks, and Nicola by the volunteer Gaia firefighters who saved her and Heather and Richard from being evacuated from their homes. You can find out how to make a donation to support them by visiting the Parea Sti Mani website. The mention of the word volunteer is what gives Judith her lightbulb moment. Now she’s thinking professional beachcomber!

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