“I’m a techy VA & hear people, including Nicola, talking about outsourcing to people overseas for $10 per/hour. How do I get across the value and compete?”

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In the Show

Nicola’s 21 Day Challenge is all but over and 3 out of 10 active participants have joined her Clicks And Leads Academy. She has a houseguest, a dog called Wilfred Owen! In the end, after some frustration, Judith enjoyed Monday without access to internet either at home or via her mobile mini sim so apparently across all networks; sometimes you are obliged to take an unscheduled day off.

What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Judith July 2018 Low-Carb Pilot is nearly a week old now and she’s done ten inductions in the last week, cajoling people into giving up their foodie addictions. Nicola’s very moved to have been hired by a long-term client as her marketing partner, something she considers to be perfect in many ways.

Focus of the Week

“I am a very techy VA and I keep hearing everyone (including Nicola on the podcast) talking about outsourcing to people overseas for $10 an hour. I am based in the UK and charge more than that per hour but I’m much more efficient and so much faster, as I know the various software inside out, I know about internet marketing, websites, direct response copywriting, funnel strategy, so I bring much more to the table in terms of what I can do, not to mention troubleshooting, using my initiative and my ability to see future implications of client actions etc. How do I get across the value and compete in this environment?”

Words of the Week

Nicola goes for Patience and Judith picks Choice.

Project Updates

Judith updates the listener on her de-niching, and Nicola confirms that podcast download numbers on the day each new show goes out are up from 150 to over 200.

Who or What’s Impressed?

Judith discovers Gertrude Bell via a film on Netflix called Queen of the Desert. Nicola’s got three – Penny Power and her new book, a revisit to a book called Profit First (while doing her own accounts) and today’s message from the Universe at TUT.com which spoke to both Judith and Nicola equally powerfully.

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