Margaret Collins has published Beyond Imposter Syndrome and she talks to us about what it is and where it comes from, how it feels and what to do about it.

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On the Show

Nicola has been zapping tolerations including her first visit to a Greek dentist. Today’s the day she will hear whether or not she’s been accepted onto the writing course, she’s unattached to the outcome but she says she is on a purple streak right now when it comes to manifesting, so fingers crossed.

Judith’s been out to dinner to a posh restaurant with her cousins, had a very exciting Monday
including 15 frantic minutes during the morning and she’s resolved a peculiar PayPal glitch with Eric her computer man who was, at the time, in Rwanda!

What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Judith’s Low-Carb group now has 15 paying members and got off to a cracking start with the first of 13 weekly Zoom calls last week. Discoveries are being made, ankles and feet are no longer swollen even in these temperatures. The first few weeks are the hardest for some, easier than anticipated for others. We are all unique.

Nicola spent a day in air con with fellow writer Linda and they studied some plotting masterclasses together while eating grapes and sipping sparkling water.

Focus of the Week

Margaret Collins is an academic and a lecturer who describes herself as a working-class girl made good. She made some life changes when in her forties she realised she was about to become a full-time carer for her disabled sister and a job wasn’t going to fit into that as well or be as flexible as self-employment.

Margaret has recently published Beyond Imposter Syndrome and she talks to us about what it is and where it comes from, how it feels and what to do about it. It is universal, there’s nothing wrong with us, 72% of the world’s population experience it and she has strategies for life beyond IS.

Words of the Week

Nicola goes for Humid and Judith picks Induction.

Project Updates

Following Traction principles, Nicola’s had her first monthly board meeting with her new marketing client/partner in which they discussed her three-year vision, the timeline and her values. Nicola recommends the book Traction: Get A Grip On Your Business by Gino Wickman.

One of the excitements on Monday morning was Judith receiving a call from her heroine about the 3-year house sit. She’s going to London on Tuesday for a meeting to scope out the project and her suitability for it.

Who or What’s Impressed?

Judith loved Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again the movie and Nicola is impressed by those involved in rescuing 750 people in the Greek fires, by boat and airlift.

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