201 | Why Are Entrepreneurs So Annoying?

Why are entrepreneurs so annoying? They buy systems and processes and then sabotage themselves by deviating from them!

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In The Show

Judith’s had a testing week with another fall, another house move, breakages and sleeplessness. Fortunately, there are lots of lovely family meetups too.

Nicola has been woken in the night by an earthquake – wow! And she was persuaded to go and watch the local Am Dram.

What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Two of the ladies in Nicola’s Write Club have had some wonderful successes.  And sharing a computer with sister Sarah in 2-hour stints has caused them both to be more efficient and work differently.

Both Nicola and Judith were inspired by the contributions from the listeners to episode 200 of Own It! And Judith’s enjoyed driving in the countryside, finding it uplifting; she’s especially enjoying singing M People’s Moving on Up and noticing the pretty English churches in Somerset and Dorset.

Focus of the Week

Why do entrepreneurs buy systems and processes and proven formulae and then sabotage themselves by deviating from them, or not showing up at all or believing that somehow it’s different for them?

Words of the Week

Nicola chooses Contingency and Judith picks Idiosyncratic.

Project Updates

Nicola changed three things at once with her online presence across the summer and then realised she couldn’t tell the impact of any of them, so she’s reversing two. Judith’s still pondering a sabbatical in 2019 where she might not take on any new clients but would continue to look after her most beloved existing ones.

Who or What’s Impressed?

Judith was impressed by Jo Berry who has found a way to forgive the only IRA member convicted of killing her father in the Brighton bombing of the Tory Party Conference. Patrick Magee was later released from prison as part of the Good Friday agreement and they got to know one another and now travel the world in the name of peace and reconciliation. Here’s her interview on R2’s Jeremy Vine show with Vanessa Feltz.

Nicola has discovered Magic Numbers with Hannah Fry on BBC4 and the Mysterious World of Maths.

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  1. Love your banter. Frustrating when I can’t chip in my two penneth worth. Like having a girls coffee morning. Have my bullet proof coffee listening to you. Love it.

  2. Long time listener, and I’ve finally been driven to write this. May I make a few requests?

    Judith – LET NICOLA TALK. Let her finish her sentences. Until the end. Full stop. Let her tell her stories (even if you’ve already heard them – the listener may or may not have! Either way I promise you, WE want to hear what she has to say!) Re the “YOU WRITE ON” – I actually listen every week and no I did NOT remember what it was! I cannot tell you how much I was annoyed when you WOULDN’T LET HER FINISH HER THOUGHT. I wanted to hear what it was! Even if we DO remember, we want to hear UPDATES.

    It’s not that I *don’t* want to hear Judith, it’s that I DO want to hear Nicola! Not just Judith! Nicola always lets Judith finish her sentences. The opposite is literally never true. Besides that, I quite like your podcast. Just please instill the rule that each of you is ALLOWED TO FINISH YOUR SENTENCE , and ALLOWED TO FINISH YOUR THOUGHT – whatever they may be!

    PLEASE Stop talking over, stop cutting off before the one is finished (Just listen to how Nicola literally never gets to finish a single sentence without being cut off – the opposite is not true), stop saying “we’ve already heard that, we already know all about that, we don’t want to hear anymore”. Actually NO we don’t and YES we do.

    Nicola, please START saying “Let me just finish” (as you have just a very few times, each time to me thinking hoorah!) And then please complete your thought for US. Judith may not be interested in what you are saying, but I promise the listener is. ALWAYS.

    It would also be very helpful if you leveled out the audio – as Judith’s mic is always much louder, leaving me even more with the sense that it’s basically the Judith show with Nicola trying to get a word in edge-wise. I do want to hear what Judith has to say, but I want to hear what Nicola has to say EQUALLY (which is not the current case, both in terms of volume and in terms of just being allowed to finish her sentences). I wanted to write this via the contact form, but could not find one. Feel free to delete this. After years of listening this has been building up. Thank you!

    • Nicola Cairncross & Judith Morgan

      November 9, 2018 at 9:44 am

      Hello Concerned Listener! Thanks for your comments and for caring enough to bother to comment. We have both read them and taken them on board. I do infuriate J with my lack of short term memory but you make some other points which we have noted. We do equalise but you only get the volume from Zoom once you have been talking for a few seconds (LOL) and the Auphonic obviously isn’t making up for it. Warm regards, Nicola

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