207 | Buying a Business No Money Down

Nicola’s thinking about buying a ready made business, online or off.  Judith explains how she sold her accountancy business on the same basis.

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In The Show

Nicola’s infested with flies, Judith’s doing some shopping and they swap ideas for Christmas Day games.

What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Nicola’s having an entrepreneurial seizure about creating a business she’s seen which needs improvement. Judith’s excited to be working with a favourite client for another year and she’s paid already!

Focus Of The Week

Nicola’s thinking about buying a readymade business, online or off. She did it with The Acacia in Worthing way back and Judith gets her to remember the shape of the deal she did and how she did it. Judith explains how she sold her accountancy business on the same basis.

Nicola and Judith have studied with Rick Otton how to buy property on this options basis and the principles are the same.

How to find a motivated seller, find out what they want and work out what you do, how to take on the best bits of his business and leave the problems with him, and use the business’ own cash flow to pay for it.

It all depends on access to the vendor, good rapport and negotiation skills. It would very much suit a deal-maker. It’s all in the relationship.

Nicola asks:

  1. Why would any business owner consider it?
  2. What do you need to find out so you can evaluate the opportunity?

Words Of The Week

Nicola chooses Change and Judith picks Appreciation.

Project Updates

Nicola’s keeping on with her daily videos and pleased with the results at both YouTube and LinkedIn but not at her website yet. She feels she might need to look into her SEO to discover why.

Who Or What’s Impressed?

Dalton Harris, this year’s winner of the X Factor for Nicola. And Judith is impressed by the Back to 60 campaign winning the right to a historic judicial review, but specifically, anyone who finds the strength and resources to keep up a long campaign for anything where they are righting wrongs on behalf of others.

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  1. Dear Judith and Nicola,
    I listen to ALL your podcasts via your website. I am not a fan of iTunes as I find it hard to navigate. And I prefer to stay off Facebook as much as possible, so having access to your wonderful show here at ownitthepodcast.com exactly suits my needs.
    This probably makes me one of those listeners who doesn’t show up on your download/listener count.
    I was quite pleased to discover I could message you here, as you seem to only mention Facebook and iTunes as contact/feedback points.
    If there’s one of me, there is bound to be more.
    I love all your shows. You keep me company at every opportunity. I am not an entrepreneur – just a fan.
    Love to you both and thankyou.

    • Dear Robin

      How marvellous on all counts!
      Thank you for being a fan – indeed there are bound to be more.
      I shall try to remember to mention this in next week’s show to help others leave lovely encouraging comments for us too.
      Thank you and love to you and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a smashing 2020.
      You’ve made my day.


  2. Thankyou so much Judith.
    You have been and are instrumental in helping me find my way out of a six year long fog of confusion and lost confidence. Recently I found a woman nearby who does tapping and it is the kindest, gentlest, most loving and effective healing I have ever encountered.
    Had you not mentioned tapping in several of your podcasts I may never have seen the opportunity available to me.
    You are a bright star in my sky.
    May your Christmas be full of joy and love, and your 2020 absolutely stonking!
    Gratefully from Australia,

    • OMG again Robin! You are so generous with your comments. I am thrilled your experience of tapping matches my own and that you were able to find a skilled local practitioner. I am thrilled to be a bright star in your sky – best compliment ever. I said I would read your other comment to Nicola and she drew my attention to this one which has slightly spoiled the surprise I had lined up for her, but no matter.
      You absolute stonker yourself.
      Love, Judith x

  3. Oh you darling women! I’ve just been listening to your latest podcast #255 and you mention ME! OMG. It made me laugh and cry all at once – a slight case of hysteria.
    But there is no comment box available so I’ve come back here to tell you, my lovelies, that I am a woman. It didn’t occur to me to qualify that earlier.
    I found out about you after your podcast with artist Louise Fletcher, whose work I follow as an emerging artist.
    Now I want to say to you, Nicola, that you have one of the biggest, warmest, most loving and generous hearts I have encountered. Your love for, enjoyment of and pride in your children blows me away. What lucky, lucky kids to have such a wonderful mother! Shine on, Nicola. Your warmth is spreading all around the globe and I love and thank you for it. You are a nugget of the brightest gold.
    And Judith, I love your book. It is my bedside companion and I just this morning wrote a review of it in Booktopia for you.
    Bless you both,
    Robin xx

  4. Thank you Robin! They are what has kept me going sometimes, I have to set a good example as much as possible! I’m a bit confused about the need to comment here and being unable to comment on the Xmas / New Year episodes though, as when I look at the podcast website (here) on both my mobile and desktop, I can see the comment box down under the ‘other episodes’ thumbnail pics. Do let me know if you keep having issues? Cheers & Happy New Year, Nicola x

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